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    Awwww. I especially like the nn Olly/Ollie for Olivia as most people go for Liv/Livvy. Via is quite nice too. You could call her Olive which is also vintagey and a kind-of nickname. That is near enough so she doesn't get confused but nice and unique at the same time. Hope this helps!

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    I agree that giving her a nickname will help - what about Liv? or Livia? I wouldn't worry though, popular names are popular for a reason - because everyone agrees on how beautiful they are. She's going to grow up, travel and possibly move and her circle is going to widen, right now her circle is small and full of little Olivias but eventually she will mix with so many people of so many different ages, cultures and name styles that it's unlikely she'll meet that many other people who share her name. By the time she's an adult she will have developed her own personality and discovered who she is and that will stand out - she will be unique whatever her name is. Just teach her to be confident and to love herself and I doubt she'll have any problems.
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    It is a total fluke to have 50% of the girls in your daughter's class named Olivia. Not even Mary in 1920 or Jennifer in 1980 could have pulled that off.

    Popular names are popular for a reason. Olivia is a ravishing name-- as is Sophia, Isabella, Emma and their ilk. People simply have good taste. If you chose it with love and are happy then I see no need to backtrack. Many frequent posters on this website have very common names, and many feel that their very commonality allowed the name to fade and the personality of the bearer to come to the foreground.

    From clicking on your past posts I see her middle name is Scarlett. While Scarlett is pretty it's a much stronger statement than Olivia. It's more difficult (at least conceptually) to be a shy, retiring Scarlett than a shy, dreamy Olivia. Olivia is so versatile, and so lovely. Does your daughter herself have any qualms about her name?
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    That's just silly. And honestly (sorry if this is crass), calling your 2 year old daughter by her middle instead of the first that she's heard all her life sounds quite selfish to me. You knew the name was popular but you loved it enough to use it. Own up to it and call your daughter by her name. It's her name now, tied to her identity. Olivia is gorgeous, and a special name doesn't make anyone special (I have friends named Rebecca and Sarah who are pretty special). You can always find another dance class
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    Quote Originally Posted by kala_way View Post
    I know all this might not make you feel better, but I think suddenly calling her by a different name will make her feel ashamed of her name or like it's not as good as a name that others don't have. It's a beautiful name! You knew it before and you should stay confident in it.
    I agree with Kalaway on this. If you encourage your daughter to love her name, and tell her how you picked the name because it is so lovely then there is a good chance she will love the name as well, even if it is popular. If you seem uncertain about your name choice, than she might start to notice that and might have a negative impression of it instead of a positive one.
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