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    Help with Boys Names

    My DP doesn't like any name on my list, so I'm looking for new suggestions. We like Celtic, Norse, nature and mythological names, but they can't be too out there as he's worried about teasing. They also have to be easy to pronouce and say as we live in Finland but have family in the UK and US, so they need to kind of work in all 3 places. Children's names are Aidan, Finn and Calla. The middle name will probably be Valo though we might have 2 middle names.

    Names I've suggested that he doesn't like


    We've also ruled out a lot of Norse mythology names as they'd be too weird here and abroad to use like Loke and Odin.

    Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.
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    Thanks, we like Rowan for a girl, but are avoiding it because in Finland Ws are pronounced Vs, so that rules Corwin out which is our style as well. We considered Caelan for Calla and it's now too similar to her name.

    Finns also pronounced Js as Ys, so Jago and Jude are out both of which I like.

    Tristan is possible, though our surname is a S-T double barrelled with lots of Ts in it so I'm worried about the similar sounds.

    He mentioned Leif and I'm not sure so it's a maybe.

    Hadn't considered Viggo, but that's our style, so will suggest it. I like the idea of Riordan, but the sound of the first syllable puts me off. We both like Cai/Kai, but it's very trendy and popular with slebs in the UK, so we won't use it. Kieran has the same problem for me.

    A friend just used Caspian, but it's a good name. Paladin is too DnD for me. Really dislike Oliver and Oscar as they are so popular in Finland and UK.

    Thanks, will put Viggo, Leif and Tristan to him and see what he thinks.
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