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    Starting to Get Concerned...

    So, I have been keeping track of my cycle lenghts/ovulation time for the past 4-5 months. My average is 27 days, with the longest being 29 and shortest being 24-25 I believe. Well, this month I am currently 6 days late, putting me at 33 days. This seems a bit abnormal for me. I keep thinking I will start, but never do! I took a pregnancy test at 30 days, and 32 days, and they both came back negative. So I keep expecting my period, but haven't gotten it yet! I am wondering... do you think this is normal and I should just expect to get my period soon? I have never in my life missed one. Or do you think there is still a possibility that I could be pregnant? These tests claim that if I were pregnant, it would say so the day of my missed period. But is it possible for it to take longer for the hormones to show on a test, even after you miss a period? My tracker that I use say I should have already finished my period and should be ovulating again soon! Of course this is jsut from avergaes, but still.. I am a little concerned!

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    It is certainly possible that you are pregnant but that there is not enough hormones in your system for the tests to pick up yet. That being said, this same thing has happened to me, a couple of times now. Our systems are surprisingly sensitive to stress etc. while trying to conceive, I have had usually long cycles, and the longer it dragged on the more anxious I became, further delaying my cycle (I believe). The only thing you can do is try to relax and wait it out (although remember to ALWAYS listen to your body, and if something isn't right, or you are experiencing pain consult a doctor)

    Good luck
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    I had very short cycles for about 6 months. Normal for me is 29 days, but these were 21-25 days. Freaked me out. The FNP I saw wasn't worried because I had no other symptoms. It resolved itself about a month after I saw her. Could very well be within the realm of weird but normal

    Will your doctor do a blood test for you?
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    You might just be having a weird cycle or maybe you ovulated late, putting you at not enough dpo to get a positive hpt yet if you are pregnant. Do you know for sure when you ovulated? I know you said you have a tracker but I didn't know if you temped or paid attention to physical signs as well. Fwiw, it took my friend about 10 days after her missed period to get a positive pregnancy test, she thinks she must have ovulated later than she thought or something. Best wishes!
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    Thank you for all of the helpful advice! I do not know for sure when I ovulated. The tracker is based on my norms. I could get a blood test, but I think I will wait a few more days, test again, and if I am not getting period or a positive, I'll have to go in and see whats up here.

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