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Thread: Alana vs Alanna

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    Alana vs Alanna

    I really love the name Alanna for a little girl, pronounced A-lah-na. While I'm usually not a fan of extra letters in names, I prefer the spelling Alanna over Alana because I feel like it looks more complete, and also I have an aunt with "Ann" in her name and I feel like it's a way to honor her somehow. I was just wondering if you can pronounce Alanna as A-lah-na, instead of A-lan-na, which I believe is the most common way to pronounce that spelling. What do you think?

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    I'd say 'al-anna' if I saw Alanna and 'al-ah-na' if I saw Alana. I think you'd need to correct everyone a lot.

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    I am friends with an Alanna, and she has never gotten al-anna, just Eh-lay-nuh (How?) or Alan-uh. I also love the name (see my sig), but it's one of those names that seems so simple to pronounce but people butcher it all the time. I do agree with you that Alanna looks more complete (and since I'm a fan of Tamora Pierce, I prefer that spelling), but I'm pretty sure both spellings require lots of correcting.
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    I have only ever heard both spellings being pronounced as ah-LAN-ah.
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    I work with an Alana whose name is pronounced Ah-lay-nah and very few people pronounce it Ah-lay-nah; with that experience, I think you are pretty safe to spell it Alana. My cousin has a daughter Alaina which they added the i to ensuring the correct pronounciation. I agree with you on not adding extra letters unless absolutely necessary.
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