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    Favourite Character Names out of Stories/Films ?

    I'm trying to write a story, where the family is has vintage fashion but the style that everybody is going crazy over right now. They live in Manhattan, and get on the tube one day to find it takes them into the countryside, into England, the war has just finished and everywhere is being built back up....... Still setting the scene and that is the story cut very short !!

    I have three sets of names for the children,one set includes nicknames please choose your favourite

    *Milo Luca Roscoe**
    *Onyx Florence Madison*
    *Avalon Bonnie Wren*
    *Lux Avery Saige*

    *Theodore Luca* (Teddy/Theo)*
    *Annabella Onyx* (Bella/Annie)
    *Tabitha Lux* (Tabby/Tabs)*
    *Talulah Wren* (Lula/Tally)

    *Milo Oscar*
    *Peyton Wren*
    *Hollie Saige*
    *Lottie Madison**

    I know this is long but I would appreciate it, thank you !!

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    I definitely like the second set the best! And I think you should go with Teddy, Annie, Tabby and Lula! The only thing is im not the biggest fan of Talulah, but I LOVE Avalon! But I like the rest of the names in the second set the most. And they fit together as sib names really well too!
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    I think your last group of names is most plausible for an American sibset. I might keep it simple, and go with:


    Most American kids don't have double-middles. Also, the NYC underground is known as the subway, not the tube. :-)

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    While I wouldn't use it, my favorite name out of a story was Isannah (reportedly a combination of Hannah and Isabelle/a) from Johnny Tremain.
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    ooh, that's a tough one. I agree with both emmabobemma and mary-la. Teddy, Annie, Tabby, and Tally are super cute and fun! But Milo, Peyton, Hollie, and Lottie would probably make more sense for a New York family. What about a mixture of the two? Milo, Tabitha (Tibby), Lottie, and Hollie?

    Oh, and to answer your question, my favorite character names from stories.....the one that always comes to mind is Lyra. It's unusual and striking but not too crazy.
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