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    Question Middle names for Coralie

    Looking for beautiful & original middle names for Coralie. Also is Coralie the traditional spelling? Are there other classic variations? I am worried about people mispronouncing it Cora-Lie........ but I hate using "creative" spellings. Thanks so much!

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    I'm not sure about traditional spellings on this one, but you do see this spelling on nameberry quite a bit. I think most people are going to prn it Cora Lee.

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    I love the name Coralie. I think these are all nice combos, but that is based on my name style:
    Coralie Annabel
    Coralie Victoria
    Coralie Isobel
    Coralie Ophelia
    Coralie Marianna
    Coralie Dianne
    Coralie Olivia
    Coralie Violet
    Coralie Juliet
    Coralie Rosalind

    I hope you like them. I think Coralie is a beautiful name!
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    I suppose Coralie is the original. Love the name BTW!
    Coralie Evangeline
    Coralie Alexa
    Coralie Theodora
    Coralie Zoey
    Coralie Georgiana
    Coralie Sophia
    Coralie Josephine
    Coralie Gwyneth
    I think Coralie needs something more sophisticated and frilly for middle name. WDYT?

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    Coralie is great. I don't foresee pronunciation issues and I don't think there's a more classic spelling. Apparently it's derived from Koralia, an ancient Greek saint's name. Middles.. Well what do you like? Do you have family names you'd like to use? You're from Canada? I think of Nanook/Nanuq when I think of your part of the world. But assuming you're not Inuit, how about Anouk? It's French, like Coralie, and it's incredibly elegant. Bonus points if there's an Anne/Anna you'd like to honor.

    Coralie Anouk

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