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    FL, USA
    Your name: Monica Rose Smith (née Baker)
    DH's name: Chris Henry Smith
    Child's name: Jaxon Henry
    Pets and their names: Tabitha, a cat

    Where you live: Boone, NC

    Ages (add five to the age you were in part 1. If you had a child in part 1, they are 1): Chris and I are 36, Jaxon is 1

    The wedding was truly magical! We had it in a huge cathedral! This is the dress I wore: . I carried Jaxon down the aisle, and we all did a unity candle as the “union of a family”. The reception was in a beautiful mountain lodge, and he partied the night away! Best of all, I married the man of my dreams.

    We honeymooned to Mexico! Jaxon stayed with my parents. Chris and I had a blast!

    Year 1:
    Chris and I adopted siblings (a boy and 2 girls) from Cuba! Their names are Isabel Mariposa, Sofia Esperanza, and Jose Ulises. Isabel is 6, Sofia is 4, and Jose is 9.

    Year 2:
    Chris and I were blessed with twin boys! We named them Jacob Mason and Joshua Matthew. Jacob weighed 4 lbs. 6 oz., and Joshua weighed 4 lbs. 1 oz. They look just like their daddy!

    Year 3:
    I got a tattoo! It said “Jesus is my Savior” and it is on the upper part of my right arm.

    Year 4:
    I went into business with my older brother. We are both registered nurses, and we opened up our own general clinic for the needy. I am still part-time at the children’s hospital, though.

    Year 5:
    Our whole family went on vacation to France! We stayed for 2 weeks and toured the whole country!

    Year 6:
    Chris and I are parents again! We missed having babies around the house, so we prayed and tried. Almost instantly, I was pregnant! It’s a little girl! Her name is Sophie-Kate Elizabeth.

    Year 7:
    Our family decided to adopt another pet! It’s a HORSE! We have enough space, so we were like “Why not?”. Her name is Misty, and she is a gray horse.

    Year 8:
    We had a surprise baby boy! We weren’t expecting to get pregnant, but this was a wonderful surprise! His name is Carter James.

    Year 9:
    New family car in the house! I bought it. It’s a station wagon, so the whole family can fit in it!

    Year 10:
    Surprise twin girls! They’re fraternal twins, and could not be more beautiful. Their names are Emily Grace and Emma Rose.

    The Smith Family:
    Monica Rose [46]
    Chris Henry [46]
    Jaxon Henry [11]
    Isabel Mariposa [15]
    Jose Ulises [18]
    Sofia Esperanza [13]
    Jacob Mason and Joshua Matthew [8]
    Sophie-Kate Elizabeth [4]
    Carter James [2]
    Emily Grace and Emma Rose [nb]

    Annabel, Carlotta, Tamar, Jubilee, Lorelei, Lola, Josie, Alice, Indira, Claire, Liliosa, Vivienne, Ella, Abigail, Ivy

    Jameson, Samuel, Archer, Dominic, Barnaby, Paul, Henry, Oliver, Jadon, Isaac, Harrison, Lawson, Ezra, Rhys

    "The most beautiful voice in the world is that of an educated Southern woman."
    (Stolen from @tabby)

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    Your name: Michelle Grace Jensen (nee Collins)
    DH's name: Mitchell Thomas Jensen
    Child's name: Monroe Grace Jensen

    Where you live: Thousand Oaks, California

    Ages: Michelle and Mitchell are 26. Monroe is 1.

    What's the wedding like? Simple wedding inside the church you attend, reception in his parents' huge backyard.
    Where do you honeymoon? France

    Year 1: You move into a new house, just down the road from where you live now.
    6 bed, 7 bath (Monroe is 2!)

    Year 2: You adopt! A boy from Scotland!
    Noah Blake Jensen. 4 months old. (Monroe is 3!)

    Year 3: You get a new family car.
    Nissan Pathfinder. (Monroe is 4! Noah is 1!)

    Year 4: DH gets a new family car.
    Honda Odyssey. (Monroe is 5! Noah is 2!)

    Year 5: You have a girl.
    Piper Anne Jensen. (Monroe is 6! Noah is 3!)

    Year 6: A co-worker of yours gets married.
    You are a bridesmaid.
    Co-worker: Danielle Henderson is marrying Taylor Smith. They are both 30. (Monroe is 7! Noah is 4! Piper is 1!)

    Year 7: Surprise you have fraternal quadruplets, 3 girls and a boy!
    Daisy Marie Jensen, Kennedy Alice Jensen, Aurora "Rory" Louise Jensen, and Wyatt Gabriel Jensen (Monroe is 8! Noah is 5! Piper is 2!)

    Year 8: You go into business with your older cousin, 37, Andrea Marshall.
    A swimwear store is opened, Sea2Sea (Monroe is 9! Noah is 6! Piper is 3! Quads are 1!)

    Year 9: Your family comes into some money. It was inherited. Given to us from DH's uncle/godfather. Odd: You won the lottery. Second roll for how $1/2 million. (Monroe is 10! Noah is 7! Piper is 4! Quads are 2!)

    Year 10: You adopt siblings locally.
    A boy and 2 girls...Hudson William Jensen, Natalie Violet Jensen and Leah Annabelle Jensen.
    Hudson and Natalie are 1 year old twins and Leah is 4. (Monroe is 11! Noah is 8! Piper is 5! Quads are 3!)

    Mitchell and Michelle are 36.
    Monroe is 11.
    Noah is 8.
    Piper is 5.
    Leah is 4.
    Daisy, Kennedy, Rory, and Wyatt are 3.
    Hudson and Natalie are 1.
    My princess [11/24/09], my little man [4/25/10], my munchkin [2/13/12], and my boys [12/3/13]

    Who are you to judge the life I live? I’m not perfect and I don’t live to be. But, before you start pointing fingers, make sure your hands are clean. ~ Bob Marley

    ~Pertussis (whooping cough) can be a fatal disease, especially in infants~
    Rest peacefully Lily Reece

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    Brittany Rose Taylor (25) & Michael Thomas Taylor (33)
    Child's name: Britton Ann (1)
    Pets and their names: Molly
    Live: Country

    What's the wedding like? It's in a cabin in the country. Pond view. Country/ Southern/ Rustic/ Elegant wedding.
    Where do you honeymoon? Honeymoon in France

    Year 1: Twins Identical Girls: Names Charlotte Annette & Emma Michelle
    2: NEW HOUSE! 8 bedrooms & 7 bathrooms
    3:Baby boy: Carter James
    4: Tattoo of cross on shoulder!
    5: Baby girl: Jordan Elizabeth
    6: Adopt a horse named Shay. American Sattlebred. Girl
    7: Adopt a cat. Himalayan. Named Layla Girl
    8: Friend dies in a car accident. 18 wheeler ran a red light and killed my college room mate Tamara.
    9: We have triplets! 2 boys and 1 girl. Christan Daniel, Samuel Dean & Sophia Madelina
    10: bay boy! Named Thomas Lee

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    Your name: Bronte Paige Smith
    DH's name: Colton Anthony Johnson
    Pets and their names (if you got any in part 1): Turtle: Banjo

    Where you live: Long Beach, CA

    Ages: 27 & 28

    What's the wedding like? It's a stunning fairy tale wedding.
    Where do you honeymoon?
    2. England

    YEAR 1: Surprise! You have multiples. 10: You choose Quints. Fraternal. BBBGG:
    DS: Alexander Mason
    DS: Gabriel Sebastian
    DS: Nikolai Jacob
    DD: Isabella Rose
    DD: Charlotte Mae

    YEAR 2: You go into business with someone. A younger cousin. We open our own private pactice.

    YEAR 3: Cole gets a new job. What is this new job? He moves up in the police force as a commissioner

    YEAR 4: You adopt! You adopt siblings. A boy and 2 girls adopted internationally. Where from? Vietnam
    DS: Kaden Dao (10)
    DD: Hallie An (7)
    DD: Evelyn Hoa (4)

    YEAR 5: Congratulations! Everything is up to you, amount of kids this pregnancy, the gender(s), and the name(s)
    DS: Ezekiel Troy
    DS: Isaac Nathaniel

    YEAR 6: 6. Your family comes into some money. We inherited $3 million from an uncle of mine.

    YEAR 7: You adopt! It's a girl. We adopt her from Vietnam just like her siblings
    DD: Isabelle Cara (8 months)

    YEAR 8: You get a tattoo. All of my children's names and births from the top of my neck downwards so I can add if needed

    YEAR 9: Congratulations! You have a baby and the gender is your choice. FN is unisex but MN is feminine or masculine depending on the gender.
    DD: Jordyn Elizabeth

    YEAR 10: Surprise! You have multiples. Triplets Roll two more times. Odd: Identical boys.
    DS: Samuel Oliver
    DS: Christian James
    DS: Lucas Matthew

    DS: Alexander Mason (10)
    DS: Gabriel Sebastian (10)
    DS: Nikolai Jacob (10)
    DD: Isabella Rose (10)
    DD: Charlotte Mae (10)
    DS: Kaden Dao (16) ADOPT
    DD: Hallie An (13) ADOPT
    DD: Evelyn Hoa (10) ADOPT
    DS: Ezekiel Troy (5)
    DS: Isaac Nathaniel (5)
    DD: Isabelle Cara (8 months) ADOPT
    DD: Jordyn Elizabeth (1)
    DS: Samuel Oliver (0)
    DS: Christian James (0)
    DS: Lucas Matthew (0)

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    Dating Years
    Year 1: Clara and Deacon meet in college through a mutual friend, Robert Young. 5 months before he graduated, Clara confessed her feelings for Deacon. They stayed friends but things weren't the same. A few months later, he started trying to build the friendship back up. Clara later found out it was because he was in fact interested in you. Clara's finishing her 3rd year of college so Deacon's a year older than you. Their first date is watching the sunset at the beach. Deacon graduates this year from political science.

    Year 2: Clara graduates this year from early childhood education. The couple goes on vacation for your 1st anniversary to Sweden.

    Year 3: Clara's 28-year-old sister Rose is marrying her boyfriend of 3 years, Jake Collins. Clara is one of Rose's bridesmaids.

    Year 4: Robert Young, the friend who introduced Clara and Deacon, is marrying his girlfriend of 7 months, Rebecca Schultz. Deacon is in the wedding as a groomsman and usher.

    Year 5: Clara and Deacon take a vacation for your 4th anniversary. They travel to Portugal, where Deacon proposes.

    Married Years

    DW (35): Clara Jane Holloway (nee Foster)
    DH (36): Deacon William Holloway
    DS (7): Wesley Arthur Holloway
    DS/DS (4): Damien Lucas Holloway and Garrett William Holloway
    DD/DD (1): Elizabeth Beatrice Holloway and Katherine Sybil Holloway "Kate"

    Clara and Deacon live in Austin, Texas.

    Year 1: Clara and Deacon are married in a rural church outside of Austin. They honeymoon in France. Clara comes into some money. It is inherited from her great-grandmother, who left $50,000 in her will for each of her great-granddaughters for when they got married.

    Year 2: Clara and Deacon move into a new house in Austin, Texas. It is a 6 bed, 7 bath house. Clara and Deacon prep four bedrooms as nurseries for future children, one for themselves, and the last as a library.

    Year 3: Clara gives birth to a son!

    Year 4: The Holloway family goes on vacation to New York City for two weeks.

    Year 5: The Holloway family adopts a pet pomsky, named Moses.

    Year 6: Surprise! Clara gives birth to fraternal twin boys!

    Year 7: After his first marriage ending in a messy divorce from his adulterous wife, Deacon's Uncle Martin Holloway is getting re-married. His wife-to-be, Felicity Scott was also married once before, but her husband was secretly gay and so they divorced. Clara and Deacon are just guests at the wedding.

    Year 8: Clara's fellow childcare worker, Elena Rodriquez, is marrying her boyfriend of ten years, Marco Sanchez, and father of her three children (Sofia, Ricardo, and Maria). Clara is one of Elena's bridesmaids.

    Year 9: Surprise! Clara gives birth to identical twin girls!

    Year 10: Clara's friend, Reagan White, is getting married to her boyfriend of 3 years, Tom Johnson. Clara was meant to be one of Reagan's bridesmaids, but with newborn twins she had to drop out of the bridal party. Clara and Deacon are therefore just guests at the wedding.
    Names I love right now:
    Thomas - Wesley - Desmond - Jack - Albert - Spencer - Harry
    Annabel - Vivienne - Matilda - Sophie - Sybil - Maria - Jane

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