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    Her: Riann Rose Owens
    Him: Jon James Owens
    Child's name (if you had one in part 1): Landon Jonathan Owens
    Pets and their names (if you got any in part 1): Marley, Kissie

    Where you live: Chicago

    Ages: Riann (30), Jon (30), Landon (1)

    Their wedding is small, just friends and family, and outside in the tail end of summer. It's casual and lighthearted and there's a lot of laughter and good times had by all. The couple honeymoon in England (Big fans of the Beatles) and Landon stays with Jon's parents since Riann's aren't in the picture.

    Year Six: Riann goes into business with her best friend Spencer, who is just a year younger than her. He suggests that the two of them open a record store to capitalize on the vintage craze, besides the fact that they are both music lovers.

    Year Seven: The couple travel to Cape Town for a friend's wedding and while there they happen upon an orphanage. The couple are so enamored with the children that they decide to adopt not one baby, but a family of four fraternal little two year old girls that were recently orphaned. They are named Coral Johanna, Georgia Flora, Ainsley Flyn, and Clover Protea

    Year Eight: Riann gets a tattoo on her wrist, the words to her favorite song.

    Year Nine: The couple win the lottery and receive a much needed $1 million dollars. The money is used to buy a much bigger house, as well as dumped into college funds for the five kids. They donate some to the orphanage they had adopted the girls from, and the rest to save as needed. Even with the money, Riann keeps her business going.

    Year Ten: The couple has been bitten by the adoption bug! This time they adopt close to home. They bring home a pair of 1 year old fraternal twin girls named Avery Mia and Layla Natalie

    Year Eleven: The family adopts a hamster to keep Kissie company. They name her Ruby

    Year Twelve: Jon picks up a new car, a van big enough for their seven children.

    Year Thirteen: The couple is surprised by a set of identical twin girls! Their names are Mackenzie Rose and Madison Daisy

    Year Fourteen: Sadly, Riann's mother passes away. The two had never been close, she only met her grandson once after he was born, and Riann's dad had passed away when she was a teenager. She was in a car accident, though the family was able to make it out to the funeral.

    Year Fifteen: The couple decide to adopt yet again, once again internationally after reading the story of a little girl in Poland who needs a family. Her name is Kasia Poppy and she's eight years old.

    After the ten years:

    Riann & Jon

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