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    Me: Cassidy Paige "Cassie" (27)
    Hubby: Jack William (28)
    Son's name: Hudson William (1)
    Dog's name: Ella (3)

    We still live in Phoenix, AZ

    What's the wedding like? We have a medium sized wedding with 250 people. Our reception is huge and long and lasts until 1:30 AM.
    We honeymoon in Paris, France.

    Year 1: We decide that little Hudson needs a little brother or sister and try to have another baby. We are successful and learn that we are having not just one, or two or even three. We are having four! Quads. All girls! We name our princesses, Alexandra Isabel, Alice Theresa, Amelia Tatum, and Ariana Brileigh. We nickname them Lexi Bella, Ali Tess, Mia Tate and Aria Leigh.

    Year 2: My sister, Jana, and I start a Mommy and Baby Maternity Boutique and call it just that.

    Year 3: We have yet another girl. We name her Khloe Savannah.

    Year 4: We adopt a male turtle that Hudson and the girls name Joey.

    Year 5: We adopt a boy from South Korea! We change his name to Owen Jae. Owen is 2 months old.

    Year 6: I get a new car. A huge black suburban that classifies as our family car.

    Year 7: We adopt again. This time siblings- a girl and 2 boys- from Indiana. We keep their names which are; Aidan Matthew, Landon Isaac, and Brooklyn Aubrey. Aidan is 7, Landon is 5, and little Brooke is 2.

    Year 8: We take a family vacation to California to visit family.

    Year 9: We are surprised and blessed with another set of multiples! Identical twin girls! We name them Elizabeth Kristen & Emily Blair. We nickname them Eliza and Emma.

    Year 10: I am now 37 and decide to get my one and only tattoo. A heart right above my ankle.

    Our Family
    Jack & I (38/37)
    Hudson (11)
    Lexi Bella/Ali Tess/Mia Tate & Aria Leigh (10)
    Aidan (10)
    Landon (8)
    Khloe (8)
    Owen (6)
    Brooke (5)
    Eliza & Emma (1)

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