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    Feb 2012
    Me: Cassidy Paige "Cassie" (27)
    Hubby: Jack William (28)
    Son's name: Hudson William (1)
    Dog's name: Ella (3)

    We still live in Phoenix, AZ

    What's the wedding like? We have a medium sized wedding with 250 people. Our reception is huge and long and lasts until 1:30 AM.
    We honeymoon in Paris, France.

    Year 1: We decide that little Hudson needs a little brother or sister and try to have another baby. We are successful and learn that we are having not just one, or two or even three. We are having four! Quads. All girls! We name our princesses, Alexandra Isabel, Alice Theresa, Amelia Tatum, and Ariana Brileigh. We nickname them Lexi Bella, Ali Tess, Mia Tate and Aria Leigh.

    Year 2: My sister, Jana, and I start a Mommy and Baby Maternity Boutique and call it just that.

    Year 3: We have yet another girl. We name her Khloe Savannah.

    Year 4: We adopt a male turtle that Hudson and the girls name Joey.

    Year 5: We adopt a boy from South Korea! We change his name to Owen Jae. Owen is 2 months old.

    Year 6: I get a new car. A huge black suburban that classifies as our family car.

    Year 7: We adopt again. This time siblings- a girl and 2 boys- from Indiana. We keep their names which are; Aidan Matthew, Landon Isaac, and Brooklyn Aubrey. Aidan is 7, Landon is 5, and little Brooke is 2.

    Year 8: We take a family vacation to California to visit family.

    Year 9: We are surprised and blessed with another set of multiples! Identical twin girls! We name them Elizabeth Kristen & Emily Blair. We nickname them Eliza and Emma.

    Year 10: I am now 37 and decide to get my one and only tattoo. A heart right above my ankle.

    Our Family
    Jack & I (38/37)
    Hudson (11)
    Lexi Bella/Ali Tess/Mia Tate & Aria Leigh (10)
    Aidan (10)
    Landon (8)
    Khloe (8)
    Owen (6)
    Brooke (5)
    Eliza & Emma (1)

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    Fox Family

    Colt and Hannah got married in a church in front of their family and friends. Then jetted off to Germany for their honeymoon.

    1. They adopted a little girl from their home state of Texas. Ashley Taylor was 2 years old when they took her into their home.
    2. With the new baby Colt's truck became impractical, they traded it in for a Jeep Grande Cherokee.
    3. Hannah's mother died, which was difficult. But the power of prayer and family comforted Hannah in the midst of her loss.
    4. Colt and Hannah had identical twin boys: Christian Sawyer and Gabriel Finn. Both boys are called by their middle names.
    5. Colt got a new job, high up in a construction company.
    6. They won the lottery. $53 million. The money weighed heavy on their hearts, much was donated to charities to do the Lord's work, while some was pocketed.
    7. Colt and Hannah had a baby girl name Heather Tennessee.
    8. The family moved to a new home in southern California right on the Pacific Ocean. The home has 6 bedrooms and 6 bathrooms.
    9. Quads from Finland were adopted: Jesse Aleks, Markus Petteri, Henna Noora and Aurora Kateriina.
    10. Colt's cousin got married and we returned to Texas for the wedding. Heather played the part of a flower girl.

    Hannah & Colt Fox; Ashley, Sawyer, Finn, Heather, Jesse, Markus, Henna & Aurora

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    May 2012
    Me: Dakota Rose Whitfield (nee Rodriguez) {25}
    DH: Lachlan Oliver Whitfield {27}

    Pet: Hamster – Cas

    We live in Adelaide, Australia.

    The wedding is very elegant and all I had hoped for. I wore this dress: []. Friends and family from both sides attend and it all runs smoothly.

    We honeymoon in Mexico.

    Year 1: We have fraternal quadruplets. G/G/B/B
    Victoria Eloise, Lily Ariana, Christian Lucas, Alexander Felix.

    Year 2: My father Henry Leo Rodriguez dies of lung cancer. We knew it was coming for a while but it was still a shock and tragedy for the family.

    Year 3: We move into a house still in Adelaide, with 6 bed and 6 bath [].

    Year 4: We have a baby girl, Harper Lucy (using my fathers initials).

    Year 5: We have a little boy, Jordan Nathaniel.

    Year 6: This time we have identical B/B twins, Elijah Dominick and Isaiah Benjamin.

    Year 7: Our family comes into some money. We win the lottery of 1.5 million dollars.

    Year 8: I get a new job at a modeling agency as a photographer.

    Year 9: I get a tattoo of a dove behind my right ear, honoring my late father.

    Year 10: We adopt siblings, 3 boys, locally. Hayden Levi {8}, Tristan Chase {7} and Carson Daniel {3}

    Our family:
    Me: Dakota Whitfield
    DH: Lachlan Whitfield
    Victoria (Tori) – 10
    Lily - 10
    Christian - 10
    Alexander (Alex) – 10
    Hayden – 8
    Harper – 7
    Tristan – 7
    Jordan – 6
    Elijah (Eli) – 5
    Isaiah – 5
    Carson – 3

    Pet: Cas (hamster)
    Second year Uni student; Speech and Language Pathology

    Melody, Briar, Arabella, Tempest, Zoey, London, Zara, Peyton, Sadie, Rani, Liora, Jordan, Kallie, Xia, Poet, Wren, Quinn
    Lachlan, Ryan, Oliver, Benjamin, Jai, Claude, Carter, Asher, Rhys, Levi, Leo, Joey, Harper, Damien, Sebastian, Jasper, Jace

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    May 2011
    Lila Jane and Ezra Jack Miller - both 27
    Where you live: London, England

    Our wedding is at a country estate in the winter. It's cozy and fun inside, while it snows outside. It's freezing during the photos, but they are so beautiful with the snow outside. We honeymoon in Thailand. The heat is a nice change from the snow and we spend a few weeks sipping cocktails and getting a tan!

    Year 1:
    We get pregnant and have twins! Two girls! Non-identical. Ava Jane and Olivia Grace.

    Year 2:
    We get the girls a pet - a turtle and name him Monty.

    Year 3:
    Sad news, Ezra's friend Tom dies in freak Tsunami overseas. We are both devastated.

    Year 4 :
    We have another baby - a little boy who we name Grayson Thomas - Thomas to honor Ezra's friend

    Year 5:
    We win $800,000 in the lottery. We are delighted and pay off our mortgage with money to spare.

    Year 6:
    We have another little man, Riley Ezra.

    Year 7:
    Ezra gets a new job. A prestigious Art Gallery in central London offers him and artist in residence spot.

    Year 8:
    WE buy the kids another pet, a rabbit called Steve. Monty and Steve bring them great joy.

    Year 9:
    We are surprised with identical twin girls! Elizabeth Faith (Liza) and Katherine May (Kitty).
    Lucky we won the lottery and can afford a nanny!

    Year 10:
    Tragically my Mom dies in her sleep. It's so young to die, but at least it was peaceful. I'm gutted.

    Lila and Ezra Miller (37)

    Ava and Liv - 10
    Grayson - 7
    Riley - 5
    Liza and Kitty - 2

    Monty & Steve
    ~Mum to Miles and Ivy~

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    West Midlands, UK
    Me: Nina Paige Bruce
    Him: Daniel Jay Franklin.
    Live: Birmingham, West Mids, UK.

    We are now both 27years old. The wedding is gorgeous, it's small just like I wanted it, in a lovely small little church on the outskirts of the city. For our honeymoon Daniel secretly booked a cruise around the Med sea!

    Yr1: We have a darling baby boy and name him Tobias Henry.
    Yr2: Somewhat by accident we have another baby close to Tobias, this time she's a girl and we call her Roberta Brooke.
    Yr3: Deciding that he is working too many hours and not seeing enough of the kids, Daniel packs in his job and starts doing columns for a private company from home.
    Yr4: Oh my goodness! Identical triplet boys! And they're natural too: Sebastian James, Edmund Alexander, and Jeremy Lucas.
    Yr5: We decide to take everyone to Greece because we loved it so much when we stopped there on the cruise, we go for 6nights.
    Yr6:For reaons unbeknown to me, I bite the bullet and decide to get a tatoo. It's of all of my children's initials in a strip across my upper right thigh.
    Yr7: Daniel's younger cousin Steven (21) gets married to his girlfriend Charlotte (also 21), they ask Daniel to be the photographer to save money and kindly invite me and all the kids along too.
    Yr8: With the triplets preparing to go off to school I miss having a baby around the house and am pleased when I give birth to a healthy (and huge!) little boy, we call him Sidney Theodore.
    Yr9: Daniel inherits £1million from his Great Aunt Margaret whom he was always close to, her death was sad but the money a nice surprise.
    Yr10: Although I'm happy with our big family I got broody so we decided to dump the protection and let nature take its course. 9 months after I gave birth naturally to identical twin girls! Elizabeth Riley and Katherine Scout.

    -Nina (36) and Daniel (36) with: Tobias (9), Bo (8), Seb & Ed & Jem (6), Sidney (2), Beth & Kate (nb).-
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    Britberry * Trainee Teacher
    Octavia ~ James-Joseph~ Sapphire~ Clark

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