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    Margaux Elizabeth Love and Asa Oliver Holmes;
    [FONT=Courier New]The Story[/FONT]

    Years 1,2,3,4 and 5 Recap: [FONT=Courier New]We are both 26 years old. I am working as a journalist, he is working in a law firm. We are living in a small but nice apartment just outside of London and we have a chihuahua named Daisy. Asa proposed!

    Year 6: We have a tiny wedding in Paris, France with only our immediate families attending. We are married in a the lavish secret gardens of a hotel, my dress looks like . After the ceremony, instead of having a reception, our families and us go out to eat at a little french cafe and parade around Paris until dark, when Asa and I board a blue VW bug and travel to Italy for our honeymoon.
    Year 7: We have a baby boy! Gideon Asa Holmes is born on July 6th, 6.4 pounds. We are overjoyed but struggle to fit in our little apartment. I decide to take a part time job as a writing teacher in an elementary school to stay at home with him.
    Year 8: Asa's been moving up in the law firm, and we've been saving our money for years, so we are able to afford a new mansion, ready to raise all our future children! It looks like It is located in a nice town outside of the city.
    Year 9: It's a good thing we bought such a big home, because we have triplets! Identical girls named Eloise Beatrix, Amalia Lily and Wilhelmina Alice Holmes are born on May 10th.
    Year 10:Asa's younger brother, Harry, is married to a lovely girl named Violet. Asa is the best man and little Gideon is the ring bearer. We attend the wedding on the English Channel, it's gorgeous.
    Year 11:My father, Arthur Guillaume Love, dies of cancer at age 70. It is a very sad time. Our family was able to travel to France for the week before he passed, which was a blessing. My mother, Capucine, moves to be near my older sister, Eugenie. She hates being alone. I stay in France for three weeks with my family while my husband and the kids return home.
    Year 12: We get a fabulous new car with room for lots of kids. It looks like .
    Year 13: We have a little girl! Sweet Rosamund Margaux Holmes is born October 2nd, 8.8 pounds.
    Year 14: We hear about Seychelles in the news, and how overcrowded the orphanages have got. Feeling bonded with the place we volunteered for a summer after univeristy, we adopt a four month old boy. He is the son of an anonymous teen mother, and named Archer Francois Holmes *Archie*.
    Year 15: When Daisy dies at a healthy sixteen, we adopt a Newfoundland dog named Darling Dragon. (The kids named her.)

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