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    Carly Jade Harris {25}
    Nate Thomas Jackson {25}

    We had a beach wedding and our honeymoon was on a cruise to the Carribean.

    I have multiples! G/G/G Triplets: Amalia Jade,Amelia Lilly and Alexia Grace!

    We adopt a dog. A border collie named Sailor!

    We move to this new house in Los Angeles,California:

    The family comes into some money. We inherited $50,000,000 from Nate's great grandfather.

    I get a tattoo on my right arm. It is the names of my husband, children and pets that form a heart.

    We adopt a girl and 2 boys from a local chilldren's home. Brooklyn Chloe,Aiden David and Aaron Colton.

    I get a Ford Focus. It is considered the family car!

    We go on vacation to Disneyland Florida! We go for 3 weeks.

    We adopt another dog. A Yorkshire Terrier named Coco!

    I have a girl named Mackenzie Scarlett!
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    Blessed with 2 little rascals:

    My Treacherous Twins

    Sadie Mae and Reagan Louisa

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