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    Her: Riann Rose Owens
    Him: Jon James Owens
    Child's name (if you had one in part 1): Landon Jonathan Owens
    Pets and their names (if you got any in part 1): Marley, Kissie

    Where you live: Chicago

    Ages: Riann (30), Jon (30), Landon (1)

    Their wedding is small, just friends and family, and outside in the tail end of summer. It's casual and lighthearted and there's a lot of laughter and good times had by all. The couple honeymoon in England (Big fans of the Beatles) and Landon stays with Jon's parents since Riann's aren't in the picture.

    Year Six: Riann goes into business with her best friend Spencer, who is just a year younger than her. He suggests that the two of them open a record store to capitalize on the vintage craze, besides the fact that they are both music lovers.

    Year Seven: The couple travel to Cape Town for a friend's wedding and while there they happen upon an orphanage. The couple are so enamored with the children that they decide to adopt not one baby, but a family of four fraternal little two year old girls that were recently orphaned. They are named Coral Johanna, Georgia Flora, Ainsley Flyn, and Clover Protea

    Year Eight: Riann gets a tattoo on her wrist, the words to her favorite song.

    Year Nine: The couple win the lottery and receive a much needed $1 million dollars. The money is used to buy a much bigger house, as well as dumped into college funds for the five kids. They donate some to the orphanage they had adopted the girls from, and the rest to save as needed. Even with the money, Riann keeps her business going.

    Year Ten: The couple has been bitten by the adoption bug! This time they adopt close to home. They bring home a pair of 1 year old fraternal twin girls named Avery Mia and Layla Natalie

    Year Eleven: The family adopts a hamster to keep Kissie company. They name her Ruby

    Year Twelve: Jon picks up a new car, a van big enough for their seven children.

    Year Thirteen: The couple is surprised by a set of identical twin girls! Their names are Mackenzie Rose and Madison Daisy

    Year Fourteen: Sadly, Riann's mother passes away. The two had never been close, she only met her grandson once after he was born, and Riann's dad had passed away when she was a teenager. She was in a car accident, though the family was able to make it out to the funeral.

    Year Fifteen: The couple decide to adopt yet again, once again internationally after reading the story of a little girl in Poland who needs a family. Her name is Kasia Poppy and she's eight years old.

    After the ten years:

    Riann & Jon

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    Your name: Evangeline Lousie ‘LouKent (29)
    Your husband's name: James Alexander Davenport (29)

    Where you live: Denver, Colorado

    Year 5 (after dating):
    You have a small, traditional white-and-gold wedding in a beautiful, secluded garden, and under a little pavilion for your crowd to see, you say ‘I do.’ You honeymoon in Germany, and enjoy the cold snowy weather that is far from your 1st anniversary’s trip to Brazil.

    Year 1 (of marriage):
    Together, you move into a new house, big and in a style that reminds of a dollhouse, it has eight bedrooms and seven bathrooms. He insists it’s in case their families decide to pay a visit from time to time, but you have a feeling it’s because he wants a big family.

    Year 2:
    We have our first child, a girl! Antonia Eve has blonde hair like her father, but the green eyes of her mother. She soon earns the nickname ‘Toni’ and fills one of the rooms of our large house, not that it stays empty for long, her mother’s large family wastes no time visiting to see the newest member of the family.

    Year 3:
    Despite my best effort to convince James a pet would be much better than another child, he persuades me ‘to just see what happens’, soon enough I’m pregnant again, and Quinn Victoria joins our growing family. Another blondie, she has blue eyes, and soon enough her and Toni are sharing the same room—the one closest to ours. And towards the end of the year, she’s delivered the pet name ‘Queenie.’

    Years 4 and 5:
    In the final month of the year, James’ father, Michael, dies in a car accident. Toni and Queenie behaved fairly at the ceremony, something I’m glad for, as James didn’t have to spend the day fussing over her daughters instead of saying goodbye. By the second month of the following year, James seems recovered enough over the experience and takes over his father’s position, as editor of the newspaper I work for. Liam, James’ little brother who recently completed his final exams for university, stays with us for eight months after the funeral and grows close to his two little nieces.

    Year 6:
    We choose to adopt a child, after failing to get pregnant again over the past two years. And, fearing to tear apart another family, we locally adopt siblings, a girl and her two older brothers. There’s no doubt that Christian AlexanderAlec’ (10), Landon ChristopherChris’ (7), and Hailey Madison ‘Hails’ (1) are siblings, they all have the same brown eyes, and Alec and Hails have the same dark black hair, Chris on the other hand has light brown hair. James and I plan to make them very happy from here on out, and, so too, it seems, does Toni and Queenie (now 4 and 2) who seem delighted with their new siblings. And in turn, Alec and Chris seem to like having two more little sisters to care for.

    Year 7:
    To keep the kids entertained, particularly Alec and Chris, we decide to adopt a two-year-old black Labrador called Kaiser. He’s extremely energetic and eats like you wouldn’t believe, and we fall in love with him instantly. There’s plenty of room for him behind the white-picket fence of our backyard and James and Alec, who grow closer by the day, take him on daily walks after school.

    Year 8:
    Finding that we never regretted adopting Alec, Chris and Hails, we choose to do it again, this time adopting fraternal twins Sebastian OliverOllie’ and Elizabeth JocelynBeth’ (both 10), they instantly click with Alec and Chris, but take some time to open up to their three new little sisters. They both have the brightest blue-green eyes, Ollie has blonde hair and Beth has light brown ringlets. Our family of two has grown to ten! (including Kaiser, of course) and we begin saving up for a well-earned vacation, which isn’t hard after the money James inherited after his father’s death.

    Year 9:
    For the winter, we decide to vacate to St Morritz, Switzerland, to teach the children (or at least the older ones, Hailey is still only 4, and Quinn only 6) to ski. St Morritz is beautiful and the children, even Hailey and Quinn, seem to have a fun time while we bond over making snowmen and tearing the slopes. Upon our return, we discover I’m pregnant. With twins.

    Year 10:
    I give birth to fraternal girls, Abigail Grace and Alison Faith. Both have auburn hair like me (finally!) and green eyes, and are rather curious. Alec (now 14) and Beth (now 12) take great pride in keeping their other siblings orderly while we run around after the two new editions and try to convince Ollie, Chris and Hails that they won’t lose our affections now that we have two new recruits.

    Evangeline Lousie ‘LouKent (40) and James Alexander Davenport (40)
    Christian AlexanderAlecDavenport-Kent (15)
    Sebastian OliverOllie’ and Elizabeth JocelynBethDavenport-Kent (13)
    Landon ChristopherChrisDavenport-Kent (12)
    Antonia EveToniDavenport-Kent (9)
    Quinn VictoriaQueenieDavenport-Kent (8)
    Hailey Madison ‘Hails’ Davenport-Kent (6)
    Abigail GraceAbi’ and Alison FaithAliDavenport-Kent (1)

    Lou and James; and Alec, Ollie, Beth, Chris, Toni, Queenie, Hails, and Abi and Ali
    Eyes aglow like burning coals, look away!
    Look away! For those who spy them ought pray.

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    My name: Stella Marie Callahan (nee Pruitt)
    My boyfriend’s name: Benjamin Olivier Callahan

    We live in New York City.

    I am 23 and my boyfriend is 26.

    The wedding is small and simple but absolutely gorgeous. We only invited a few close friends and family to join us for the ceremony in upper state New York.

    We decide to honeymoon in Mexico and spend our time relaxing on the beaches and having an amazing time.

    Year 1: I decide to start a business with my little cousin. She is only 3 years younger than me and her name is Calista Jade Pruitt. It was always our dream to start a cupcake business together and so that’s exactly what we do!

    Year 2: I find out I’m pregnant! It’s a beautiful, bouncing baby girl. We decide to name her Arden Grace Callahan.

    Year 3: We decide to take our little family on vacation. We pack up our stuff and head off for Hawaii. It is a very relaxing trip and we come back ready for whatever life throws our way.

    Year 4: I find out I’m pregnant again! This time it’s a healthy baby boy and we decide to name him Jonah Michael Callahan.

    Year 5: Unfortunately, this year my friend dies. She was my childhood best friend Sara Eve Mitchell. It is very heartbreaking news for me.

    Year 6: Due to creative differences, I decide to leave the business I started with my cousin 5 years ago. I decide to get a job working for a major book editor firm in my city. I love my job even more now! I basically get to spend my days reading books for a living.

    Year 7: Now that the kids are growing up so fast, we decide to try for just one more baby. It’s a girl! We decide to name her Auden Beatrice Callahan.

    Year 8: We decide that we are done trying to get pregnant. Our three children are more than enough for us. But a few months after baby Auden is born, we find out we are pregnant again. To our surprise, it’s not one but two babies! They are identical twin girls! We decide to name them TyninTinyEve Callahan (to honor my late best friend) and Aylin Lux Callahan.

    Year 9: I get a tattoo. It is the names of all my children in small cursive print on my rib cage. I’ve always wanted a tattoo, I was just never sure what to get! This is simply perfect.

    Year 10: Now that the twins are 2 we actually begin to itch for just one more baby. A few months later, we get our wish! I give birth to a beautiful baby girl named Natalia Alix Callahan.

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    Your name: Abigail Hope Moore
    DH's name: Brooks Alexander Robinson
    No kids or pets...yet

    Where you live: small town in CT

    Ages: 26 & 27

    What's the wedding like? Small and simple, but elegant
    Where do you honeymoon? Aspen, Colorado

    Roll the dice for each of the 10 years.

    Year 1
    We are blessed with DD Maison Alexandria

    Year 2
    DH gets a new job as an administrator in the same hospital I work at

    Year 3
    Our family goes on vacation to Hawaii. 2-year-old Maison loves the beach!

    Year 4
    As Brooks and I think about having more kids, we decide to get a new, family-friendly car. Officially it's DH's so I get to keep my car

    Year 5
    We welcome a baby boy into our family exactly 2 months after Maison's 4th birthday. Welcome, Noah Greyson!

    Year 6
    I decide to tattoo my children's birthdays on the side of my ribcage

    Year 7
    We're itching for more children, so we adopt identical twin girls from Russia. They're only 2 weeks old, so we get to name them - Anastasia Sofia & Ksenia Madalina

    Year 8
    Just before the twins turn 1, we welcome another baby boy. The older kids were involved in the naming process and we came up with Isaac Nash.

    Year 9
    After 7 years, my twin sister Mackenzie Faith marries her best friend, Xavier Thomas. Since we're practically inseparable, I serve as her maid of honor.

    Year 10
    After Isaac was born, Brooks and I decide we're done having kids, so we were surprised when we found out I was pregnant again and we were downright shocked when we found out we were having quads! They're all identical girls. The older kids are, again, asked to help name the babies. We choose Alexia Violet, Amelia Rose, Catharina Hope, and Charlotte Faith.
    I guess it's time to get that tattoo updated!

    My family:
    Abigail "Abbey" Hope (36) & Brooks Alexander (37)
    Maison Alexandria (9)
    Noah Greyson (5)
    Anastasia "Ana" Sofia & Ksenia Madalina (3)
    Isaac Nash (2)
    Alexia "Lexi" Violet, Amelia "Lia" Rose, Catharina "Cate" Hope, & Charlotte "Char" Faith (4 months)

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    DH: Fletcher Joseph Whitley, 27
    DW: Arabella Hope (Carney) Whitley, 26
    Pet: Female Boston terrier, Duchess
    Where you live: Charleston,South Carolina

    What's the wedding like?
    Traditional church wedding

    Where do you honeymoon?

    Year One: You adopt a 2 goldfish, Linus and Lucy.

    Year Two: Congratulations! You have a baby girl, named Francesca Hope Whitley.

    Year Three: You move into a new house, still in Charleston. It has 11 bedrooms and 11 bathrooms.

    Year Four: Congratulations! You have a girl. Her name is Charlotte Madeline Whitley.

    Year Five: Your family inherits two million dollars from your great aunt Ophelia.

    Year Six: Surprise! You have identical male quadruplets. Their names are Philip Benjamin Whitley, Nicholas Alexander Whitley, Gabriel Isaiah Whitley and Christian Michael Whitley.

    Year Seven: A co-worker of Fletcher's dies in a car accident.

    Year Eight: Surprise! You have identical triplet boys. Their names are Felix Pieter Whitley, Henri Leopold Whitley and Marius Carlos Whitley.

    Year Nine: Your family goes on vacation to Disneyland in California. You are on vacation for two weeks.

    Year Ten: 5. Surprise! You have identical girl/girl twins, Gabriella Rose Whitley and Isabella Primrose Whitley.

    Favorite names:
    Arabella Primrose,Charlotte Madeline,
    Atticus Fletcher, Tobias Jackson

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