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    Margaux Elizabeth Love and Asa Oliver Holmes;
    [FONT=Courier New]The Story[/FONT]

    Years 1,2,3,4 and 5 Recap: [FONT=Courier New]We are both 26 years old. I am working as a journalist, he is working in a law firm. We are living in a small but nice apartment just outside of London and we have a chihuahua named Daisy. Asa proposed!

    Year 6: We have a tiny wedding in Paris, France with only our immediate families attending. We are married in a the lavish secret gardens of a hotel, my dress looks like . After the ceremony, instead of having a reception, our families and us go out to eat at a little french cafe and parade around Paris until dark, when Asa and I board a blue VW bug and travel to Italy for our honeymoon.
    Year 7: We have a baby boy! Gideon Asa Holmes is born on July 6th, 6.4 pounds. We are overjoyed but struggle to fit in our little apartment. I decide to take a part time job as a writing teacher in an elementary school to stay at home with him.
    Year 8: Asa's been moving up in the law firm, and we've been saving our money for years, so we are able to afford a new mansion, ready to raise all our future children! It looks like It is located in a nice town outside of the city.
    Year 9: It's a good thing we bought such a big home, because we have triplets! Identical girls named Eloise Beatrix, Amalia Lily and Wilhelmina Alice Holmes are born on May 10th.
    Year 10:Asa's younger brother, Harry, is married to a lovely girl named Violet. Asa is the best man and little Gideon is the ring bearer. We attend the wedding on the English Channel, it's gorgeous.
    Year 11:My father, Arthur Guillaume Love, dies of cancer at age 70. It is a very sad time. Our family was able to travel to France for the week before he passed, which was a blessing. My mother, Capucine, moves to be near my older sister, Eugenie. She hates being alone. I stay in France for three weeks with my family while my husband and the kids return home.
    Year 12: We get a fabulous new car with room for lots of kids. It looks like .
    Year 13: We have a little girl! Sweet Rosamund Margaux Holmes is born October 2nd, 8.8 pounds.
    Year 14: We hear about Seychelles in the news, and how overcrowded the orphanages have got. Feeling bonded with the place we volunteered for a summer after univeristy, we adopt a four month old boy. He is the son of an anonymous teen mother, and named Archer Francois Holmes *Archie*.
    Year 15: When Daisy dies at a healthy sixteen, we adopt a Newfoundland dog named Darling Dragon. (The kids named her.)

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    My Name - Emilia Claire Holden
    His Name - Maxwell Andrew Walker

    Live in - Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Wedding -
    Small ceremony in the church my parents married in many years ago with our family and close friends around us.

    Honeymoon -

    Year 1 -
    Max and I are shocked when we receive a letter saying that a distant great-uncle of Max's has passed away. We are even more shocked to discover we are to inherit 2½ million!!

    Year 2 -
    We decide to adopt! We investigate and decide to adopt locally and fall in love with sibset of a 2 year old boy and his twin sisters who have just turned 1! Their names are Logan Elijah, Zoe Olivia and Sofia Peyton.

    Year 3 -
    We decide to put Max's inheritance to good use and buy this 9 bedroom, 11 bathroom home where we live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

    Year 4 -
    I get a tattoo. It's of a dream catcher and it is along my ribcage on my left side, Logan, Zoe and Sofia's names are woven into it.

    Year 5 -
    Surprise! We have fraternal twin boys. We name them Caleb Sebastian and Joshua Zachary Walker

    Year 6 -
    Max's 28 year old cousin Ty Walker marries his 27 year old fiance Marie North, we are invited to the ceremony and the reception. They were married in Marie's Grandfather's Garden and the reception was held at the local golf club.

    Year 7 -
    We adopt again! Again we adopt locally, and our newest addition Dominic Gabriel Walker is adopted at just 1 month old.

    Year 8 -
    My Aunt Ruth passes away in her sleep, with the family gathered around her, we had been expecting it for a while as she had been fading for some time.

    Year 9 -
    Surprise! We have fraternal Quadruplets! 3 boys and a girl! Oscar Hugo, Felix Benjamin, Theo Nathaniel and Lily Imogen Walker.

    Year 10 -
    We adopt a female Husky who we name Gypsy.
    "A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, its sings because it has a song."
    ~ Maya Angelou

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    DH: August William Fletcher, 27
    Me: Serena Charlotte Lucas-Fletcher, 27

    We live in Los Angeles, California.

    Our wedding is huge and in a beautiful garden. We honeymoon in Italy.

    Year One:
    We get a new house, it has 10 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms.


    Year Two:
    We have a little girl, Hermione Olivia Fletcher. She has my dark brown hair and his grey eyes.

    Year Three:
    I get a new car, that's a bit more "family friendly". It's an SUV, but it's relatively safe.

    Year Four:
    I inherit a million dollars from my great aunt.

    Year Five:
    We have a little boy, Lorcan Augustine Fletcher. He has my dark brown eyes and August's auburn hair.

    Year Six:
    We adopt a turtle, and Hermione names him Flash Fletcher.

    Year Seven:
    We adopt three siblings from France. They are two boys and one girl and named :
    Bartholmieu Lucien (10), Ignatius Charles (6) & Wilhelmina Belle Fletcher (1) (Luc, Iggy, and Willa)
    Luc has white blonde hair and grey eyes. Iggy and Willa both have black hair and grey eyes.

    Year Eight:
    I get a tattoo on my back of my mother's name and birth flower.

    Year Nine
    August gets a new car, because his old one seated five, not the seven we need it to seat.

    Year Ten:
    We adopt a two year old boy from England. His name is Sebastian Lucas Arthur Fletcher. Sebastain has dark brown eyes and auburn hair.

    The family so far:

    DH: August William Fletcher, 37
    Me: Serena Charlotte Lucas-Fletcher, 37

    Bartholomieu Lucien Fletcher, 13 "Luc"
    Ignatius Charles Fletcher, 9 "Iggy"
    Hermione Olivia Fletcher, 8
    Lorcan Augustine Fletcher, 4
    Wilhelmina Belle Fletcher, 4 "Willa"
    Sebastian Lucas Arthur Fletcher, 2

    + a turtle named Flash Fletcher
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    Your name: Elizabeth Jade Miller
    DH's name: Freddie Christopher Miller

    Where you live: Providence, RI

    What's the wedding like? Beach Wedding in Cape Cod
    Where do you honeymoon? (If you live where you roll, you honeymoon somewhere other than where you live in that country)
    8. Ireland

    Year One: Baby Girl. Shay Elisabeth

    Year Two: 9. Someone dies. Freddie's dad Michael is killed in a boating accident

    Year Three: 8. Your family goes on vacation to Hawaii for two weeks

    Year Four: 7. You adopt! It's a girl. We adopt Locally. Her name is Lily Caroline, she is Eight Years Old

    Year Five: Identical Twin boys! Theo Frederick & James Nicholas

    Year Six: 3. My little sister Paige gets married and I am her Matron of Honor.

    Year Seven: 2. I go into business with my older cousin Sarah. We open a children's clothing store

    Year Eight: We have Identical twin girls. Alice Isabelle & Eloise Sophie

    Year Nine: Your family comes into some money. You won the lottery. Second roll for how much: I million dollars

    Year Ten: Have a boy: Finn Michael
    Violet Gray
    No longer a teenager, still sad and name-obsessed

    Jude, Theo, Luca, Oliver l Eliza, Rose, Kate, Dahlia

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    Your name: Sadie Louise Schultz Hoffman
    DH's name: Jacob Alexander Hoffman
    Child's name: Solomon Jacob *Solo* Hoffman
    Pets and their names: Zeus (male Siberian husky)

    Where you live: London

    Ages: Sadie - 26, Jacob - 27, Solo - 1

    What's the wedding like? Quiet beach wedding
    Where do you honeymoon? France

    You adopt! You adopt siblings. 3 girls
    9 - Bethany Manon *Beth*
    6 - Jemima Victoire *Jemma*
    2 - Susannah Odette *Sunny*

    New car. Jacob gets a Ford f150

    Twin boys: Jeffrey Alexander *Free* & Orison Andrew *Ori*

    Congratulations! You have a girl. Tilly Grace

    Boy: Nathan Tyler

    Your family comes into 1 million dollars inherited from Sadie's great-grandfather

    4. You adopt! You adopt siblings. 3 boys
    10 - Noah Gabriel
    7 - Samuel Levi *Sam*
    4 - Lucas Aaron *Luke*

    1. You adopt! It's a boy. Internationally. Where from? Russia
    Jonah Yuri - 6 months

    6. Congratulations! You have a girl Toby Alyssa

    9. You adopt! Fraternal quad boys
    Max Brody & Hayden Bentley *Hayes* & Tristan Blake & Cooper Brandon

    Sadie Louise Schultz Hoffman - 36
    Jacob Alexander Hoffman - 37

    Bethany Manon *Beth* Hoffman - 18
    Jemima Victoire *Jemma* Hoffman - 15
    Noah Gabriel Hoffman - 13
    Susannah Odette *Sunny* Hoffman - 12
    Solomon Jacob *Solo* Hoffman - 11
    Samuel Levi *Sam* Hoffman - 10
    Jeffrey Alexander *Free* Hoffman & Orison Andrew *Ori* Hoffman - 7
    Lucas Aaron *Luke* Hoffman - 7
    Tilly Grace Hoffman - 6
    Nathan Tyler Hoffman - 5
    Jonah Yuri Hoffman - 2
    Toby Alyssa Hoffman - 1
    Max Brody Hoffman & Hayden Bentley *Hayes* Hoffman & Tristan Blake Hoffman & Cooper Brandon Hoffman - nb

    Zeus (Siberian Husky)
    Ansel Paladin, Augustus Oak, Christian Laszlo, Elliot Nile, Etienne Rhodes, Ford Remington, Julian Denali, Otto River, Ronan Jeffrey, Theodore Rune
    Esmae Sakura, Evangeline Coral, Hazel Amity, Heidi Snow, Hermione Mabel, Linnea Valkyrie, Oona Bliss, Phoebe Calla, Scarlet Peace, Thisbe Margaret

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