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    Do most people pronouce Madeline the same as Madeleine, or mad-uh-LINE?

    I've had Madeline on my list for a long time thinking of it as just an alternate spelling to Madeleine. I like the simplified look of it, but now I'm not sure if most people would say it like Caroline.

    Another one..... Rosaline: like Rosalind without the 'd' or Rosa-line?

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    I've always thought Madeline was pronounced mad-uh-LINE and Madeleine was pronounced mad-uh-LYNN
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    Traditionally, I believe Madeleine is supposed to end in "LYNE" and Madeline is supposed to end in "LYNN." In the US, at least, it appears that the "LYNN" ending prevails no matter how the name is spelled.

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    Madeline is definitely pronounced MAD-eh-linn here. With a -lynn ending. I know three girls named Madeline and they all pronounce it that way.

    I also pronounce Madeleine as MAD-eh-linn in English. To me MAD-eh-linn is just the usual English pronunciation of Madeline, Madelyn, Madeleine etc

    In French I pronounce them differently, but in the US definitely MAD-eh-linn for all of them.

    I think you would have problems using the MAD-eh-line pronunciation in the US, if you live there. It is a very very common name and I've never heard it pronounced as anything else than MAD-eh-linn in the US.

    Rosaline is ROZ-ah-line to me, but that's because I only know it from Shakespeare's play and our British English teacher pronounced it that way.

    It really depends on the name, there is no general rule. Caroline, Emmeline, Rosaline are LINE to me, Madeline is definitely LINN, Eveline is LEEN. But I know lots of people who would pronounce Emmeline as LINN. I have a friend named Emmaline (LINE) and people always say LINN.
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