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    Another Picture BNG

    1. Here's you and your husband. You've been married for four years. What are your names?

    2. You start trying for a baby and nine months later you give birth to a baby boy. His first names begins with A and his middle name is after your favourite TV character.

    3. Three years later and you fall pregnant again. You have another boy! His first name is after your husband and his middle name is your favourite name ever!

    4. Soon your sons are two and five, you start trying for another baby and eleven months later you bring a little girl into the world. She looks just like you! Her first name begins with B or E and her middle name is after you.

    5. Your sons are four and seven and your little girl is two. Your youngest son is very bright for his age and loves adding up numbers, your little girl is absolutely beautiful and is a joy to be around. However, your eldest is very slow and is diagnosed with dyslexia. Although he's not academically smart he's very good at drawing. Soon you fall pregnant again, it wasn't planned and it came as a bit of a shock. You have another little boy! His first name is a popular name and his middle name is old fashioned.

    6. When he's three months old you decide you want to go back to work so you get an au pair (live-in nanny from another country). Where does she come from and what is her name? And what is your job?

    7. Your sons are five, nine and twelve and your daughter is seven when your au pair (who now lives three miles away in her own flat) falls pregnant. She gives birth to a baby girl but can't deal with her so you adopt her. She has a foreign first name and her middle name is after her mother.

    You live happily ever after.

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    Me: Mavis Catherine DeGeneres (Magdangal).
    DH: Keith Andrew DeGeneres.

    1. Axel Ross DeGeneres.
    2. Andrew Erik DeGeneres.
    3. Ella Mavis DeGeneres.
    4. Logan Beckett DeGeneres.

    Au Pair: Nastassia Jean Mozart.

    5. (A) Allecia Jean DeGeneres.


    DH: Axel Ross DeGeneres.
    DW: Isabella Christine DeGeneres (da Ponte).
    - Scarlett Louise DeGeneres.
    - Ivana Katherine DeGeneres.
    - Laina Veronica DeGeneres.

    DH: Andrew Erik DeGeneres.
    DW: Victoria Estelle DeGeneres (Passarino).
    - Lacey Ann DeGeneres.

    DH: Calvin Joseph Forsyth.
    DW: Ella Mavis Forsyth (DeGeneres).
    - Nora Grace Forsyth.
    - Marilla Rose Forsyth.

    DH: Logan Beckett DeGeneres.
    DW: Michaela Nell DeGeneres (Chrisander).
    - Sheina Eleanor DeGeneres.
    - Eloise Danielle DeGeneres.
    - Vincent Caius DeGeneres.
    - Lilia Frances DeGeneres.

    DH: Rene Alexander Egede.
    DW: Allecia Jean Egede (DeGeneres).
    - Miley Ann Egede.

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    Freya ~ Alice ~ Zara ~ Phoebe ~ Cara ~ Juliet ~ Esme ~ Hazel ~ Elise

    Isaac ~ Caleb ~ Nathan ~ Jasper ~ Elliot ~ Owen ~ Gabriel ~ Levi

    GPs: Rowan ~ Ffion ~ Lincoln ~ Jett ~ Archer ~ Beatrix ~ Griffin ~ Auden ~ Blake ~ Talia ~ Chance ~ Darcy ~ Ezra ~ Axel

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