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    to go with thompson

    Hi there
    We're struggling to get a boys name that we both love. Thompson, probably with Patrick as a middle names. Grateful for ideas particularly for something that is both a cute name for a kid but that works when he is an adult.

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    Thompson feels too strongly like a last name to be a good first name, at least for my personal taste. Though I know it is a trend that some people like. Personally I don't really like any of the 'son' names as first names (at least none come to mind at the moment). Thomas would be a solid alternative though.
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    So Thompson is the last name, right?

    Levi Patrick was the first thing that came to mind.

    Other suggestions:
    Egan Patrick
    Lucas Patrick
    Noah Patrick
    Dominic Patrick
    Griffin Patrick
    Caleb Patrick
    Owen Patrick
    Theo Patrick
    Wyatt Patrick
    Reed Patrick
    Evan Patrick

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    Thanks for the suggestions - apologies my message was not that clear. thompson is the surname. From your list, we had thought of theo and owen. Ben was our preferred choice but as it is a popular name we are worried that he may become Ben T and whether he may be open to teasing over if somone called him 'bent'.

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    I really like Ben and Theo. Although I do prefer Benjamin and Theodore, nn Ben or Theo. I think they sound great with Patrick Thompson. Theo Thompson, has T.T. for the initials which is memorable, yet isn't alliterative in sound. I like it.

    How about:

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