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    Leo is fab. I love it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by littledevil View Post

    I do love EE ending names, however it's not a necessity. I do like Bronte (BRONTAY), I think that's beautiful but I don't know if it looks masculine? And I studied the Bronte sisters at School and loved there work! Hence why I like Teagan (Little Poet). I also like Joseph "Joey" and Chandler, for boys, and I don't mind the association with friends as thats where I got the name chandler, but Joseph is a popular name, I also like Felicity! Girls are ALOT harder, as I prefer really unique sounding/looking, but not too out there, and have to be a bit feminine! :/ Definetly a tricky one. Lol and thank you for your suggestions, but none you said, really JUMP out at me. :-( & Thank you for the name compliment above. Haha. x
    You're welcome(: Yeah, as you can tell from my signature eh, I also looove Bronte and Felicity. I could see where Bronte looks alittle masculine because of Bron/Bronson being a boys name...but to me its feminine enough. It sounds quite feminine, with the -te end sound. Oooo and Felicity, Fliss, is so cute. Another NN I like for it is Lissy.
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