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    I am Bridget, but was very nearly Amanda or Tasha. "Tasha" was the nickname my mom had for her baby bump. Amanda was a name my dad really liked but my mom vetoed because my Aunt had a dog named Mandy. I don't mind either of the alternative names, but if I'd been a boy she'd have named me Travis...and I really wish she'd just stuck with that. I think Travis is great on a girl, reminds me of Mavis, which I also like.

    My husband was going to be Rachel instead of Michael if he was a girl. So Rachel is still on my own "maybe" list. Rachel is to my girl's name list what ordering pizza is to my dinner decisions. If I can't think of anything else....
    Latest list:

    Girl: Emilia, Navy
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    My mum really liked Maeve, and Helena. If I was a boy I would have been Fletcher or Aidan.
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    I'm Alyssa Marie.

    If I had been a boy, I would've been Adam Nicholas. I don't know if they were considering any other girl names. Alyssa pretty much fits the pattern they had going (Angela, Amy, Alyssa). Growing up I wished they had thought of another N name for my middle name so as tofit the innitial pattern of my sisters but now I'm glad they didn't because my married innitials would be ANT.
    The only other thing I know about my naming process was that my Nana suggested Aimee (same as Amy just spelled differently) since my sister Amy died before she was born. My mom was horrified at the suggestion (Amy is Amy's name!) and I'm glad because so am I.

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    My parents almost named me Stella, after my maternal grandmother. They also thought about naming me Tessa (which is my favorite name right now) but my dad didn't like it because he thought the other kids would call me Tessie. And they thought about Ellena (I think that's how its spelled) like El-en-a, but my parents thought everyone would pronounce it like Elena. If I were a boy, I would've been Paul after my paternal grandfather.
    I really wish my parents had chosen Tessa, or even Stella (which I really don't even like that much) because at least people would be able to pronounce it. Instead I got stuck with Eleni, after my aunt who passed away before my parents were married (Ellen). You don't even want to know how many people can't pronounce it right, and how many times I get asked to spell it. The good part about having a name that is so unpopular is I don't have to go by a nickname, as I've only met one other girl in my school with the name, who was two grades above me. So I guess it isn't so bad, you just have to get used to the fact that no one can pronounce your name right.
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    I think Eleni is gorgeous! I used it in I story I was writing once!

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