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    I was adopted so there is no "if i was a boy" for me lol.
    My name is Alexis Rene and my mom chose Alexis because my dad would not agree with most of her choices.
    My dad chose Rene but if it was completely up to him I probably would've been named something like Caitlin.
    If it was completely up to my mom, I would've been Margo.
    So yeah
    My sister's name is Madison (I think both my mom and dad liked that one)
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    Dahlia was on my mom's list of names, I wish I got that instead. The rest I didn't care enough for to remember.

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    My mum wanted to call me Christabel.

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    Some names that my parents considered for me:

    Kelly (I think this was their back-up)
    Hilary (or Hillary, no idea which spelling they were thinking of)

    I ended up being an Erika (mn Kay, same as my mom's mn), and I'm pretty happy about that. I would've been Adam Robert if I were a boy (Robert is my dad's name), which is now my brother's name. He would've been Amanda if he were a girl.

    My boyfriend is Thomas Vincent; his parents almost named him Maximilian, apparently. He wouldn't have gotten a middle name, since his parents figured Maximilian was long enough on its own.
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    [QUOTE=alyssa897;1855741]It's so interesting to read everyone's stories behind their names.

    My mom actually got the name Alyssa from actress Alyssa Milano

    Same here My mom loved watching Who's the Boss, and she loved Alyssa Milano and her character, so she came up with Alyssa for me
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