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    Alternative to Brooke?

    Expecting our second daughter in 9 days and still don't have a name. Help! Big sister is Robin.

    Thinking of Brooke but I'm worried its too popular. I like Wren but my husband doesn't. We're both impartial to Maeve and Cora.

    Suggestions? And thoughts on Brooke?

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    I never really cared for Brooke, but I fell in love with Brooklyn when I was really young and it's been on my name list for years and years. However, I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. Maeve and Cora are both really nice. I especially love Maeve because of it's meaning - "intoxicating".

    I think Brooke can work really well as a middle name. Maeve Brooke and Cora Brooke sound alright.
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    I actually quite like it. I have a soft spot for water names and Brooke isn't an exception. I find Brooke to have that sleek feminine quality that characterizes Daphne and Jane. As for popularity in real life, I know only 2 in real life, and they go to my high school.

    Since your daughter is named Robin, I would avoid other bird names like Wren to prevent a bird theme.

    Maeva Brooke - I think it flows better than Maeve Brooke, and you can still use Maeve as a nickname.
    Mavis Brooke - Same as above; also Mavis means 'songbird', so there's subtle connection to Robin.
    Cora Brooke - Flows alright, but it isn't speaking to me.
    Corliss Brooke - I think the -iss sound flows into Brooke nicely.
    Coralie Brooke - Just another Cora alternative to consider.

    If you guys end up choosing Brooke as her first name, what kind of middle names are you looking for?

    Here's some to get the ball rolling:

    Brooke Jessamine
    Brooke Elizabeth
    Brooke Francesca
    Brooke Junia
    Brooke Matilda
    Brooke Araminta
    Brooke Waverly
    Brooke Charlotte
    Brooke Theresa
    Brooke Genevieve
    Brooke Emmeline
    Brooke Zoey
    Brooke Hannah
    Brooke Seraphina
    Brooke Sarah
    Brooke Nicole
    Brooke Danica
    Brooke Lillian
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    I really like Brooke as well. I think Brooke and Robin are a great sibset, keeping the nature theme. Not crazy about Wren, Maeve, or Cora with Robin. If your worried that Brooke is too common, what about Bryn? Kind of a combination of Brooke and Wren. Also keeps nature theme (means hill in welsh).

    Bryn Cora
    Bryn Lila
    Bryn Isabel
    Bryn Maeve
    Bryn Aoife (dont know if you wanted Irish names like Maeve, but this is pronounced EE-fa)
    Bryn Willow

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    I like Cora and I think it sounds great as a sibset with Robin.

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