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    My dad really wanted to name me Gloria Loraine but they ended up using my mom's choice which was Cassandra Sarah but she wanted me to go by Cassie. If I was a boy I would've been Alexander. I do have a younger brother but my dad got trumped again and my mom named him Timothy Alexander. Personally, I love my name a whole lot more than Gloria.

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    I would have been either Jenna Rae or Kevin Joel (my brother's name.) I'm Kara Yvonne. I've never been very fond of my name, but I don't know what else I could be. I've thought about taking Yvonne and going by Eve, but it doesn't really feel right. Jenna wouldn't have been good either. If my brother would have been a girl, he'd have been Krista.
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    When my mom was pregnant with me she had taught a Katie in a class that she thought was so adorable and sweet. Thus I became Katherine. If I was a boy, I would have been Jonathan.

    I am the youngest of 4 and I find it interesting that my parents had picked out a different boys name for each of my sisters. Oldest would have been Sean Michael, the next Seth Thomas.
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    My mom wanted to name me Mercedes Sue (nn Sadie) or Emily Sue. Ultimately, she went with Emily Jean which I don't like as much as Sue. If I was a boy I would have been Adam Lee.

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    I'm Hannah Catherine.

    If I were a boy I would have been David John. Nothing wrong with it but it's not exactly very interesting. That, and there were three Davids in my primary school class as it was.

    My dad vetoed Catherine (after my great-granny) for the first spot but said it could be in the middle. My mum vetoed Elizabeth (her first name, but she goes by her middle) as one of the most common nicknames for it rhymes with the first half of my surname (think Matilda Sylvester becoming Tilly Silly). She also vetoed Victoria as she hates the nickname Vicky, as do I. They both loved Hannah though, as do I, despite it's popularity. Though they did think it was fairly unusual at the time.
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