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Thread: too much name?

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    Aug 2012

    too much name?

    What do you think of...

    Marguerite Ophelia ??

    Is it just too much?

    Would love your honest opinions. Thanks!

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    May 2012
    I don't think it's too much but, it really depends on your LN.
    If it's something really long I'd probably change my mind.
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    Middle names don't matter that much. Use it if you love it. But since you asked ...

    Personally, I prefer the ring of:
    Ophelia Marguerite

    But I think there are other long names that have a better sound, somehow
    Marguerite Sophia
    Marguerite Jacinda

    even other names seem to roll off the tongue better...
    Marguerite Olivia
    Marguerite Oleanna

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    I think it's great!

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    I think it's pretty, though I would be wary if you have a particularly long and/or complex name. And brace yourself for the possibility that she might want to go by "Maggie" or "Meg" or another nickname. I probably would.

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