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    I like Rowena, still mad my husband vetoed it. Isabella doesn't excite me (prefer Isabel) but it's nice.

    The princesses:
    Ashlyn - I like Aisling (ash-ling) but the -lyn suffix is more trailer than castle to me.
    Blair - Pleasant but prefer Claire.
    Courtney - I'm an '80s baby and I know for a fact Courtney used to be a friend of Skipper in Barbie-universe, I guess she got promoted!
    Delia - Love this.
    Edeline - I love most -line names but... this one is... hard to love.
    Fallon - No.
    Genevieve - Nice, fits the princess thing, pretty but I wouldn't personally use it probably.
    Hadley - Ewwww.
    Isla - Like it, but it doesn't say "princess" to me.
    Janessa - I don't like Vanessa, and I don't like Janet, and I certainly don't like their baby.
    Kathleen - Not princess-y, but nice. Underused compared to Katherine or all the Caitlin spellings, and I like Kitty and Kay as nicknames.
    Lacey - Gosh, I hate this name so much.

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    i think its a bit of a weird collection of names.some are trendy classic or outdated.i think the producer needed to come on nb for some help.

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    I like:

    I would have thought they'd pick more 'princessy' names.
    Giselle Lydia Chiara Darcy Lowri Cleo Nova Fleur Noelle Giovanna Mathilde Flora Susannah Maia Jude David Rueben Theo Raphael Arthur Lance Vinny Marcus James Rowan Henry Christopher

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    Isabella sounds great but way over used right now
    Rowena, I think I like...mainly because of a book I read. Not sure I would ever use it

    Ashlyn Do not like
    Blair Do not like
    Courtney is OK
    Delia Do not like
    Edeline Eda what? Yuck
    Fallon I really like this one
    Genevieve is OK
    Hadley HATE horrid name for a girl
    Isla OK, a little odd
    Janessa Funny! My mom wanted me to name my daughter this (21 years ago) I told her No Way. I still do not like it
    Kathleen I have always liked this one
    Lacey I have a niece in law with this name and I think it is a "nice" name. not in love with it

    I agree with many of the berries here, not very "princessy" names
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    I always thought that they had very terrible names for princesses.

    @whirlgig they should have!!
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