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    We have a Fiona at the daycare, and I accidentally called her Fina one day (a smoosh of her name and her best friend at daycare's name). I think Fina could totally work as a nickname, as could Nina.

    I like the Nellie idea too, but would prefer something like Nallie or Naly.

    Since Fiona is the feminine form of Fionn which is from Finniegan, what about Fin/Finn?

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    I like the idea combining Fiona and Lilidh to reach a nn. Maybe Ulie, Olie or Nollie? They are kinda funky. Working with Lilidh gets you closer to that --ee sound you prefer in Sadie.
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    Fion? Ona? NaNa? Filly? Fio?

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    Just had a huuuuuge chat with my best friend and Fiona's god mother..and she suggested Fillie and I think I LOVE it. Going to try it out and hopefully will feel natural and allow me to have a cutesy nickname for her and then hopefully as she gets older Fiona will feel more natural since it feels more mature maybe.
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    Fillie's very cute, especially since a filly is a young female horse (which I guess could be a negative connotation, but to me it's just adorable). Good luck!

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