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    No, not at all. Pairing it with Beresford-- well, that's a lot of rivers to cross, even if one of them is the Thames.

    Are you from the UK or is this Oxford, Mississippi?
    Blade, MD

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    When I hear Oxford, I think "University, Shoes, and Dictionary."
    Definitely not name material imo. Oxford and Beresford are far too similar for brothers anyways.

    Out of those combos, I'd prefer Finnegan Oxford, but I'm not a fan. Love Finnegan though.

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    I like the name Beresford a lot, but Oxford not so much. Plus the 'ford' similarity is just way too similar. If Oxford is used as a middle name, perhaps it doesn't matter as much. But in general Oxford just doesn't seem like a wonderful human name to my ear (and the city/university is so universally well known across the globe (as one of the best universities in the world), it makes the name feel pretentious).

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    Much too pretentious for my taste. Could conceivably work as a middle name, but that's stretching it. A massive no on Beresford and Oxford as a sibset - way too matchy matchy.

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    Oh dear no love for poor Oxford!! Blade I was speaking of Oxford uk though I haven't lived there for 20 years!

    Im very greatful for feedback and honest responses so thanks!!
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