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    Love it! Aurelia is one of my favorite names.

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    I really love this combo! It's so airy and romantic, while elegant at the same time.

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    Beautiful, great flow and feels elegant and feminine without being too girl.
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    I really like both Genevieve and Aurelia however, Genevieve Aurelia doesn't flow as nicely as I would want a Genevieve name to.
    I think it's the harsher Au- sound right after that beautiful soft -eve ending. I really love pp's suggestion of Aurelia Genevieve the stronger G- after the stronger -lia ending works really well.
    (I don't think it's too long. My name incl LN has 27 letters so this seems very normal.)
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    Hmm... Aurelia Genevieve does sound nicer. It's just that Genevieve is my top, number one girl's name and has so many nickname possibilities. Would it be weird for someone to be called Aurelia Genevieve and then go by a nickname derived from their middle name, like Eve? Or are there some lovely nickname options for Aurelia I simply haven't discovered yet? I love Auralie too, but the similarity to 'orally' prevents me from using this beautiful name... Besides, Auralie Genevieve/ Genevieve Auralie doesn't sound quite right to me. Any more suggestions that would go well with Aurelia or Genevieve would be great! Thanks for the so far brutally honest opinions!

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