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    How important is family approval? Not at all! Unless you want it to be.

    We don't share the name until after the baby is born. It is what it is, no matter what anyone else thinks. The family will love the baby unconditionally, and the name will grow on her to their ears. Plus, only an evil person will comment negatively about a newborn's name to a hormonal, postpartum woman.

    When you're the parent, you get to choose the name, and unless you want their pre-approval, its none of their business.

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    I like hearing opinions and I appreciate bluntness and honesty which my family always gives me. But some people should keep the name to themselves because they can't handle it.

    Although I like Blythe it is not a pretty sound; it's harsh and lispy. It's not going to be everyone's cup of tea so you'll just have to accept that. And contrary to what other Berries claim even after the child is here they may still dislike the name, doesn't mean they don't love the child. If they don't like it, they don't like it. Take it into consideration and decide if you still love the name in spite of their dislike.

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    I think blade above me makes some great points in the whole "name approval" game. I wouldn't fret too much in your case. Once Blythe is actually attached to a beautiful little girl, they'll come around. Some already are, as you said. They may never fall in love with it, but they'll learn to like it. If they can't get past it even after Blythe is here, baby names are not your biggest problem.

    I don't speak to the majority of my family, so family approval is obviously not a big concern on any front for me. For those with whom I am still in contact, I don't foresee any problems. My mom knows I'm a name nerd and I've played with names with her for years. My stepmother and my sister have similar taste to my own.

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    I would go with Blythe. It really only matters what you and your dh think, it is your baby. One of my girls is named Freya and I got a lot of weird looks from both sides of our family (no name nerds among them), but you have to chose something you will be happy with. I think it helps to ask them what their suggestions are for a name. Generally it shows you what kind of names they like and if they have good taste you might listen, but Blythe is gorgeous, so most likely they don't. My parents suggested Allison & Caitlin instead (insert eye roll here).

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    For me, not at all.

    If I had it my parents way, my daughter's name would be something like Aliyah, Rahma, Shakila, most definitely not Alessandra, Victoria, Katerina, Olivia, or Elisa.
    I decided a while ago that I wouldn't let my parents opinions influence my name selections for future children. My SOs family, I'm not sure where they stand. We're not at that stage of having a family so I don't feel comfortable with bringing up name ideas to them.

    If you and your husband love the name, and truly feel that it's the best choice that it doesn't matter what others really say. Blythe isn't a bad name with a negative meaning or connotations. It's just old-fashioned, which might be why they feel she'll be teased. But guess what, they can get over it. It's not a bad choice.

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