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    Their response: "Like Blight?!" His grandmother did say she liked it more and more as she said it. I just wondered if that was because she felt bad. I suppose I worried that everyone would be thinking that secretly. But, I love the advice you ladies have given. We do love it, and I think I would regret not using it. Thanks for your encouraging feedback!

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    I say go for it! Blythe is a lovely name that would definitely be on my list had a nearby village not already have that name. Curse Geography.

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    I agree with the majority of previous posters. My parents, for instance, are very, very traditional and dislike any names that don't appear on our family tree Thus, when the time comes for me to have children, I know they'll give me a tough time if I choose names from my current favorites. Another scenario: what if family members have completely different taste when it comes to names (i.e., they like Annalinda and Gabriella, but you like Harper and Marlowe)? While I value and respect my family's input, I think the ultimate decision about your children's names is up to you and your husband/partner. Your parents will love their sweet grandchild and, consequently, will come to accept, if not love, his/her name. Good luck!

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    When soliciting feedback:

    A) make sure is what you really want, I.e. youre not after mere congratulations on your good taste, etc;

    B) listen to it-- it's possible they might actually have good points;

    C) as @augusta said, it's possible they won't have any good points. Consider the source.

    Mishearing the lovely name Blythe as 'blight' is a reasonable point, I think, and one to take into consideration. it doesn't sound like they're rejecting it of hand a name hats unfamiliar to them merely because it's unfamiliar, as some families unfortunately do. However seeing it written will definitely help overcome the homonym, and if it's already growing on your amily, that's a great sign.
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    Blythe is so wonderful. Surely your family will come around.
    How are you pronouncing it? To my ears it's far from "blight" because I pronounce the Y like "pie" rather than "ice."
    The sound "Blaiyth" is just a bit slower than "Blighth," which sounds tighter, less languid and soft.

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