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    How Important is Family Approval?

    We told my husband's family our baby girl's name today. Their responses were not positive. Granted, I think that's mainly because they have never heard the name. Now, the name is not made up, and I actually have a very good reason why I want to use the name. Husband loves it, I love it, others have said they do as well. My concern is that by giving lady baby an 'unusual' name, she will be set up for a lifetime of teasing. How important is it that extended family and friends like a name choice? Is this grounds to consider new names or will they come around? My other favorites seem too trendy/popular right now. What to do?! The name, by the way, is Blythe.

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    Maybe some unusual names will cause teasing, but I doubt it. Names are so much broader nowadays. That might be why his family is hesitant. They aren't aware of his name trends change. Blythe seems lovely to me. I don't see it bringing teasing. Also, I'd guess his family will like the name more once they associate it with your little girl. So as long as they haven't ruined the name for you, I say go for it.
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    Blythe is pretty, not too unusual I don't think. We waited to share our name until after his birth because someone told me its easier to deal with comments as they will quickly get used to it and get over it. It was annoying and hurtful at first but then they all fall in love and couldn't imagine a different name.
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    I think its most important that you both love. I don't know if they will necessarily start to like the name, but they will love the baby and accept the name after it is on a person.

    Plus, Blythe may be a bit unusual. It is not unusual in a lifetime of teasing type of way at all. It is a name with history that actually sounds modern and fresh. Not weird or bad sounding. I love it personally. I say go for it!

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    Blythe is beautiful! I don't think you should decide against a name just because of some possible teasing. You both love the name and that's all that matters. Personally I'd prefer a name that stands out a little over a name that just blends in with the crowd.
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