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    So I might be in early labor and all I can think is WE HAVE NO NAME!!! Please help!

    I've posted here before and I always feel better with the advice you guys give. So... I've realized over the last few days that we won't have 'the' name chosen by the time she is born. But I would at least like to have some kind of short list. My problem is coming up with combinations. My husband doesn't think the middle name matters at all because "no one will ever know what it is or use it." That idea depresses me SO much because I'm so indecisive I'm kinda hoping the middle name will act as a back up. Just in case I don't love the first name. (I'm really just freaking out at this point.) Also, I want the 3 name combo - as well as just the first and last name to sound good together. Oy!
    Anyways, I would love my daughter's name to be very feminine and romantic and not extremely common.
    Here is all I've got so far: (last name Lang-lee)

    Juliet Mila L
    Juliet Lily L
    Juliet Elizabeth L
    Mila Juliet L
    Mila Izabel L
    Juliet Izabel L
    Matilda Juliet L
    Mariah Juliet L
    Lia Juliet L

    Oh my goodness... I have no idea what I'm doing! LOL Help!!!

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    I like Juliet Mila, Mila Juliet, and Mariah Juliet best. I don't think I would use Lily as a mn with your last name, because of the overbearing Ls. I wouldn't use Lia as a fn for the same reason. Best wishes!

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    I like Juliet Mila Lang-Lee the best, even though I'm generally not a Mila fan. Lia Juliet is actually my favorite, but Lia Lang-Lee is way too many "L"s for me. I also like the idea of Matilda Lang-Lee, but really only for the nn Tilly--I like Tilly much more than Matilda. I think Juliet Matilda would be lovely, too.
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    I really like Juliette and Matilda from your list. Perhaps you shouldn't worry though, wait until shes born and you can look at her and discover her personality, she may name herself! Here are some ideas:

    Lucille but only with a different middle because of your surname.
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    I agree with the PP, I would avoid any 'L' heavy names like Lily or even any two syllable name beginning with 'L' like Lia. I do love Matilda Juliet, Mariah Juliet and Mila Juliet. I think Elizabeth could work beautifully as a first name, and if that's too common Eliza Juliet works well.
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