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    Carys,isla or shay

    These are the 3 girl names we have agreed upon.
    Isla carys
    Carys Yvonne
    Shay carys

    I know isla is getting popular,though here in the states I have never met an isla.
    Which of these combos do you feel flows best.

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    I have an Isla so I am biased. I love it even though it is a tad popular. I live in Canada and have met two other Isla's. One was 3, I met her in Emerg when I took my son. The other is 18 months. My daughter is almost 10 months.

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    None are really my style, but I'll cast a soft vote for Isla Carys, purely because I think it rolls off the tongue the best. Carys Yvonne...there is something rhythmically odd about it, though I can't quite pinpoint it. I think Shay should stay a nickname for a longer name.

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    Cary's Yvonne is my favorite, by far. Both names are ravishing and I think the meter works well, as Carys is stressed on the first syllable and Yvonne is stressed on the second.
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    I'd say Isla Carys gets my first vote with Carys Yvonne as runner up.

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