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    I think its most important that you both love. I don't know if they will necessarily start to like the name, but they will love the baby and accept the name after it is on a person.

    Plus, Blythe may be a bit unusual. It is not unusual in a lifetime of teasing type of way at all. It is a name with history that actually sounds modern and fresh. Not weird or bad sounding. I love it personally. I say go for it!
    I second this. I think it is more important that you and your husband love the name. Once Blythe is born, his family will learn to love it because they will associate it with your little girl! I don't see how Blythe could cause teasing, I say use it.
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    Blythe is lovely! I can't see any teasing potential there

    I wouldn't share my favourite names with my family myself, but if I did I think it's always good to listen to what they have to say. It might be that they point out something you didn't see, like: "Oh, you're considering Ingrid? Your great aunt Ingrid was the black sheep of the family- went loopy and murdered her prize-winning cats", "I'm afraid 'John Thomas Willy Dick' might be teased a little" or "...wouldn't the initials spell out 'SLAG'?"

    However, from what you've written it doesn't sound like that. Looks like they just didn't personally like the name, at first. Not everyone will like Blythe. But you and your OH both love it (a lot of couples would kill to find a name they both love!) which is what matters. If you love it, use it! I assume some of his family have children of their own and they've had their chance at naming. Now it's yours!

    I'm sure that once they meet your little girl they will grow to like the name much more. I say stick with Blythe! Good luck

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    Blythe is beautiful and the family will get use to it. Go with what you and your husband love. Make sure your daughter grows up knowing how much you love her name.
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    Your family will get used to it, and maybe even grow to love it. A family member of mine named their child a name that I detested, and within a week I was in love with the name, because I love the baby.
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    Honestly? It depends on whether or not your family has good taste. My dad wanted to name me after the marina he worked at. There is no way I am listening to his advice on baby names.
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