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    New baby girl name- opinions please!

    We were torn between Sadie and Belle for our little girl due in July and thought we had decided on Belle. However, a name has come up brand new that's blown us away. It's Irish (we are Irish) and very similar to Lola (which we liked but vetoed due to popularity). The new name is: Seóla. Pronounced show-la and serendipitously when we looked into the name it had some nice connections. St Finbarr the patron saint of Cork was from Maigh Seóla (we are from Cork) and his original name was Luan which was the name we had picked if this baby was a boy! Is it fate?

    So: Seóla Gabrielle a sister for Pearl Johanna? What do you think?

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    I like it, although I think Sadie is by far the best match for Pearl.

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    My husband hates Sadie so it's out I'm afraid!

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    I like it! Seóla may not be the best match with Pearl stylistically, but who cares? I think the meaning it has for you and your husband is much more important.
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