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    Sparrow is a great name - I DO love it and it is similiar to my own naming style BUT I have to tell you it screams Nicole Ritchie...just FYI in case you didn't know.

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    My only concern is - will she like it? Sparrow is a name she would either love or hate - there's no middle ground. It's a big gamble. If think the pros outweigh the cons, then I'd name her Sparrow Elizabeth. If you have concern she may not like being named Sparrow - I'm thinking of how much she'll want to fit in with her peers as a child and a teenager, and I'm thinking about her walking into job interviews - then I'd name her Elizabeth Sparrow, and call her Sparrow as a nickname.

    I strongly suggest naming her Elizabeth Sparrow and calling her Sparrow as a nickname.
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    I hear the sentiment, and your difficulty conceiving certainly exacerbates the need for a name that is very meaningful and especially loved by you.

    Now the name itself, Sparrow, isn't my taste. It's not a lovely bird - to me it's dark and drab, like Blade suggested. If you really love it, I'd use it as a middle. You can call her Sparrow if you want, but she'll have something more classic and mature to fall back on if she prefers it.

    If you're set on Sparrow, how about...
    Abigail Sparrow
    Charlotte Sparrow
    Vivian Sparrow
    Natalie Sparrow
    June Sparrow

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    I don't think it has a nice sound, or association, at all. Lark or Starling sound positively pretty compared to Sparrow.

    There is no way I'd use this as a first name, to be honest.

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    I feel like I would use Sparrow for a little girl in a heartbeat if my last name were't Thys (thighs). Love it!

    Sparrow Elizabeth or Sparrow June would be lovely!

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