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    Twist! So this happened... (sorry it's long)

    As much as I loved names before I was pregnant, I'm totally feeling uninspired now that I'm pregnant. Last night, dh and I were talking names and I mentioned that I'm *actually* *seriously* thinking about Elizabeth just because it's the name which requires me to make the least amount of decision/commitment. It has so many nn possibilities and it's soooo common in history, that there's no way it will be the wrong choice. Except that it probably is the wrong choice because I'm using it as a scape-goat name and I have fears that I would regret it in the future.

    But then I suggested maybe a rather fun whimsical middle name to balance it - and threw out my ultimate favorite, but kind of scared of what people will think name - Sparrow. To which, my husband says that he infinitely prefers Sparrow as a first name over Elizabeth and we should just go with that.

    Hold. The. Phone. What? This is like my wildest dreams feeling like a real possibility and the first time I've felt excited about a name since I found out I was pregnant (that's what 2 years of fertility treatments do to a lady). This morning, I asked if he was serious about it and he was like "yeah, that's the girl name, now you have to decide on a boy."

    Thinking over it -
    1. Nature name that is a bit unisex - love that. I'm not into really frilly - princessy names

    2. Has the modern -o sound at the end which makes me think she would fit in with all the Milo, Marlow, Harlow, Arlo, Leo, Junos, etc. I love the way it sounds. It's great with our last name, which is one syllable and starts with an S. I like the alliteration. Plus I like that it sounds modern, but also a little gothic, and word names always remind me of quirky Victorian names like Jubilee. It seems to fit a lot of the different styles I like.

    3. I have an aunt Robin and a (passed) uncle Starling. Plus cousins named Sailor, Memphis, and Storm. I think my family will roll with it. They all seem like well adjusted kids. I just don't buy the premise that unusual names in this day and age destine a child to ridicule - the one person IRL I mentioned this name to suggested that they would be teased by being called other bird names, she said. I don't see that as a huge concern - yes it's more uncommon than some other nature names, but logically no different than naming someone Heather or Robin.

    4. With a traditional mn: Elizabeth, June, Katherine? I think it gives it nice balance.

    5. I know it's a love it or hate it name. I know not everyone is going to gush over it. But I definitely love it. I do think I would more regret going with a safe name than going with something a little more daring.

    My non-inspiring list otherwise has shaped up:
    June - Juniper sounds better with my last name
    Elizabeth - maybe Eliza

    What do you think? Have a sufficiently talked you into liking this name as much as I do? Lol. But really, am I crazy?

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    I very much like Sparrow, and I think you're wise to pair it with a traditional middle name. I think Sparrow Elizabeth is breathtaking.

    As for the teasing factor, I don't see a huge potential. Kids will be cruel with whatever ammo they can find/make up, but I don't think Sparrow's enough for them to really have a go at her. Sparrow, like Robin, is a bird useable as a name. (You want to name her Ostrich? We'll have to talk.)

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    I think Sparrow is utterly perfect as a first name! How lucky that your husband loves it as well!

    Sparrow Elizabeth is lovely, and a very thoughtful choice because if Sparrow is too much for her at any point in her life, she has a traditional middle to fall back on.

    Would you like more suggestions for middles or is Elizabeth the One?

    So excited for you! Having an unusual word name approved by my partner for a first would just put me over the moon.
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    I'm sorry, I'm not a fan at all and think it sounds silly. But if you love it, that's what matters right? I think the other names on your list are infinitely better than Sparrow, which not only sounds juvenile to me but also celebrity inspired.

    I'm not trying to be mean, I'm just being honest. I'm not a "NMS" kind of girl.
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    It's not my favorite, but I think if you both love it then there is no reason not to use it!

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