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    How to find names you love?

    For as long as I can remember, I've been really interested in names. However, I have these kind of "commitment issues" when it comes to names: as soon as a name is put on my list, it's gone almost instantly because I just don't like it anymore. For example, I recently put August on my boys list because I was absolutely enamoured by it, but shortly after I began to dislike it and thus it was no longer on my list.

    I've switched styles a lot, from vintage names (Henry, Alice, Violet, Hugo, Penelope), but these were too popular for me so I moved onto whimsy nature names (Snow, Jasper, Zinnia, Finch), which I then decided were too matchy all together so I moved on to very regal, classic names (Ophelia, Alexandra, Phinnaeus, Amadeus), only to decide that I didn't want a long name, causing me to look at shorter names (Nora, Rome, Ivo, Lila), which I inevitably decided were too short. I've gone from the popular names (Hannah, Abigail, Joseph, Scarlett, Alexander) to the highly unusual (Zephyr, Skylark, Finland, Belladonna), but I wasn't happy either time. The only name I've ever LOVED is Luna, but my cousin used that for her daughter last year, so now it's a no-go for me.

    It just seems that a lot of people on here have "THE names" and rarely change their minds, and they have this love for a handful of names that never seems to disappear. I've never loved a name and I've been doing this for years now.

    So how did you find the "perfect" names for you?
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    I'm in a similar position to you, so I'm interested in seeing what responses you get to this.

    Maybe you'll just fall in love with a name one day? It might not be a case of you seeking it out, but merely stumbling across it?
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    Quote Originally Posted by sapphires View Post
    I'm in a similar position to you, so I'm interested in seeing what responses you get to this.
    Same here.

    Maybe you'll just fall in love with a name one day? It might not be a case of you seeking it out, but merely stumbling across it?
    That's how I felt when I stumbled across Caspian and Liliana, but those are the only two.

    The other names in my siggy could change any moment. I have done it numerous times. Heck, even Liliana changes back and forth with Lilia.

    I would like to believe when the time comes for me to actually name a little human, it will come naturally when I see their darling little face. So far, I have names that are almost like backups. If I believe the little one does not seem like or fit a name, I can use my next beloved name--I would hope if the name was borderline, I would instantly love it more because it suits my child. Whatever the case, I know I would use a name that I had like at one point. If that makes any sense.

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    I understand how you feel. I feel that a name with some kind of meaning to me works best. If a name is tied to literature, history or mythology, a namesake I love, admire or find fascinating, my love is less eager to sway... In some cases nature works too, but the tie needs to be unbreakable if that makes sense. I have new crushes all the time, but after I started the naming process for my baby I found this to be the way for me, I gave my daughter names of great Shakespearean characters . For even if you won't always love the name as much, the namesake will still be there, shining and glittering in beauty.
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    I get what you're saying, I fall in and out of love with names all the time. But I feel that since I'm not planning on naming any children soon it's ok that I don't have any solid top favorites and if I want to change my mind, I'm free to do so. But I don't discard a name I no longer consider my 'favorite' because I've realized often times I come back to them later, if that makes any sense?
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