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    How much they change

    Have you ever been surprised at just how much your children have changed from when they were born?

    When Brynn was born, she had really pale skin, a head full of pin straight dark brown hair, and dark blue eyes. Now, at three, she has extremely curly dark blonde hair, green/blue eyes, and tan skin. Feature-wise, she still looks exactly like Hubby, but her coloring is much closer to mine when I was little. She looked so much like Hubby (coloring wise) when she was born that it's very surprising how much she looks like me now. We knew that kids changed a lot as they grew, we just weren't expecting it to be so much.
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    When Oscar was born, he looked completely Asian, to the point where I wondered if there was any of me in there at all. He had dark gray eyes, dark hair, high cheekbones, asian eyes, yeah.

    By the time he was a toddler, his hair was almost blonde (though dark brown now!) and his eyes are a lovely deep brown. He also looks pretty much like my little clone, especially in his expressions, while still managing to look more Asian than white.

    Genetics are so weird.
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    Babies are supposed to look like their Daddy when they're born so the Daddy knows the baby is his!

    I do find it fascinating, and I'm wondering how mine will look as she grows, if her hair colour will be lighter and her skin too. Her father is so fair, but right now her colouring is all mine.
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    If Antoine didn't share so many of his fathers features no one would suspect him to be half-Arab. Skin color is inherited in humans in a blended fashiion, such that children express both genes simultaneously (rather than inactivating one of them), so they usually have an intermediate tone between both parents'. Not so my son-- he is milky pale, and I can't even see olive undertones when I look very closely.

    He also has quite light strawberry blond hair, the roots of which are pale blond. We know many families where one partner is Arab and the other garden-variety Caucasian and the children nearly always have dark brown hair and brown eyes. I remember when I was giving birth, I had a mirror in the delivery room for motivation. I as nearly delirious with fatigue (40hr labor) but even through the fog the first glimpse of his hair made me think "whoa, that is way lighter than expected."

    His eyes were the gray-blue most Caucasian babies' are, and have changed to gray and then to a grayish hazel, but not brown.

    My mother-in-law jokes that she feels uncomfortable speaking to him in Arabic since he looks so white. It's really mysterious.
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    Willow is pretty similar to how she was as a newborn. Dark brown eyes and hair, lightly tanned skin. I think she's a good mix of me (caucasian, brown hair, blue eyes, freckles), and hubby (black Caribbean, black hair, brown eyes).

    I keep expecting Veda to change! She's so pale, she just looks white, like me. Her hair is medium brown with coppery undertones, like me. Her eyes were blue grey, and then just grey, but they seem to have settled into a medium golden brown. People keep saying that she's just like me, and I've joked to hubby that maybe she was all egg, no sperm. Haha! But honestly, I just can't understand how her skin is so light!!

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