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    blade - That's what happened with me. My parents always joked that they should have made sure they got handed the right kid because I've always looked so different from the rest of my family. I've always been the odd man out in my family. Both of my parents are very dark (Dad is half Euro-mutt, half Native American, and Mom is Spanish), as are both of my siblings (both have straight, almost black hair and dark brown eyes). I've always had green/blue eyes. My hair started out curly and dark blonde, but slowly darkened until middle school, when it was dark brown. Still, in the summer, my hair turns almost golden brown, especially on top.

    Maybe Antoine will darken as he gets older. That's what happened with Brynn. When she was born, she was extremely pale and had dark brown hair. But by the time she was about eighteen months, she was tan and had blonde hair. Or he could just be like me, and be the exception rather than the rule.
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    Labmama, my babies are also half caucasian (German) and half black (Sierra Leone)! But if you first saw them you probably wouldn't guess that they are that mix. My son looks East Indian or maybe Latin American (which is a broad term I know, but if you saw his picture in the baby pictures thread you'd know what I mean). Both babies had pin straight hair at birth and it hasn't changed much except that they have some days when their hair wants to be curly. My son has his dad's huge African eyes but his mouth and forehead are mine. My daughter has my eye shape but his forehead and mouth. Both of them looked completely Native Canadian at birth.
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    My daughter was born with blond hair and blue eyes - unlike both myself and my husband! While he had lighter hair as a baby, no one can believe that at 16 months my baby still has her Aryan look. Especially since my genes are dark hair and dark eyes through and through! When people see her, they often comment that they can't believe she's mine. I say, "well, she's the one they gave me in the hospital, so we're assuming she's the right one!"

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    I don't have any children, but my friend's son hasn't changed much interestingly enough. Only gotten bigger in size, chubby cheeks, and legs etc.
    His face is exactly the same in features and all, his skin has only gotten a little bit darker since but not by a big margin.
    Still looks the exact same.

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    Jax has a skin tone half way between DH and mine, as blade described above, but he has brown hair, which is much lighter than expected since he is half Chinese. When he was born, the hair on the top of his head was brown with blond tips -we used to spike it in his bath and it would stay up straight, with the blond tips at the top - one side was a reddish colour and the other side of his head was blondish. He looked like he had just come from the salon! That's all fallen out now though and his hair is just brown. When he was born, he had bright blue eyes, but they have slowly turned brown... Although the occasional person will still ask if his eyes are blue in some lights. Overall, he looks just like his daddy, but with lighter features. We call him DH's Caucasian version
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