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    Meadow - Best used as a quirky mn choice. I would think that her parents were new wave hippies.
    Violet - Vintage flower name. I would imagine her parents are traditional with a love of flowers and gardening.
    Amara - Parents wanted something feminine but different. It's pretty.
    Luna - Trendy cosmic name. I'm not really a fan.
    Valentine - A unisex name best used in the middle spot. Parents wanted a more romantic Saint name.
    Audrey - Elegant, sophisticated and classic. Traditional parents weren't concerned with popularity.
    Autumn - I find this name dated. Youngish parents?
    Lucille - Vintage charm. Parents watched "I Love Lucy" as a child so it's filled with nostalgia.
    Marlowe - A trendy, unisex celebrity-child name. It's ok but her parents may read the tabloids too much.
    Matilda - A royal name that has loads of history. Parents wanted a really old name with spunk.
    Sasha - OK but nothing exciting. Parents didn't like to take the traditional route and choose Alexandra. They liked Sasha better.
    Willa - A literary name of simplicity and strength. Parents read "My Antonia" by Willa Cather when they were young.
    Luana - This makes me think of Housewives Luann. A feisty child.
    Elise - Pretty but getting a lot of attention. Parents may be Beethoven fans.
    Emilie - Emily is pretty but overused. This French spelling is fine but it still sounds the same, doesn't it? These parents have a belief that if they spell a common name in a different way, it makes it more unique. Sorry but it doesn't.
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    Meadow – way too hippy dippy, could never take a Meadow seriously

    Violet – I like it but its a bit blah. Rising in popularity too.

    Amara – love this. Very nice.

    LunaLuna – tic . Not a fan.

    Valentine – best in the middle.

    Audrey – classy and feminine.

    Autumn – a month. I like it in the middle though.

    Lucille – love it, although a little tainted after reading the walking dead comics

    Marlowe – not a first name.

    Matilda – great but if you're Australian its pretty popular

    Sasha – too nicknamey

    Willa – feels too short and nicknamey

    Luana – really dislike, so insubstantial. How about Louisa?

    Elise – pretty.

    Emilie – the spelling will be a pain in the ass, just go with Emily.
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    Meadow - wonderful, spunky name, I have also considered it myself
    Violet - fine classic, though I feel it is a bit overused
    Amara - sounds like smth from Middle east, not sure is it bad or good for you.
    Luna - it means "moon" in my mother tongue so I find it a bit funny, but pretty.
    Valentine (-ine, not -een) - don't like it for a girl. I prefer Valentina.
    Audrey - it's pretty but too common for my taste.
    Autumn - very popular but I can't help loving it! Great name.
    Lucille - I never understood the appeal of all Luc-names so I don't like it.
    Marlowe - NMS.
    Matilda - sorry, but it sounds as an old lady name. I don't think it looks fresh now even with a nn.
    Sasha - I much prefer Alexandra nn Sasha,
    Willa - fine, but I like Willow more.
    Luana - I prefer Luna.
    Elise - not a fan, same problem as Matilda.
    Emilie - fine name, but may be too popular if you don't like to use the names from Top 20.

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    I like Violet, Audrey, Matilda better as Mathilde, Sasha, Elise as a middle name, and Emilie--love the ie spelling.
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    Meadow - don't like it. sounds like a hippie name or something. just can't take it seriously
    Violet - love this one, adorable
    Amara - not a fan
    Luna - just makes me think of Harry Potter or the moon.
    Valentine - valentines day. I don't like this as a name
    Audrey - this one's okay, but not my style
    Autumn - I guess I just don't like object/season/day names, don't like this either
    Lucille - LOVE
    Marlowe - cute, but I like Marlee better
    Matilda - okay
    Sasha - okay
    Willa - not a fan
    Luana - maybe with nn Lucy?
    Elise - LOVE LOVE LOVE this one. I plan on using this as a nn for my first daughter
    Emilie - LOVE this one as well. I know an Emilie, and I like this spelling much better than the traditional spelling because Emily is sooo overused.

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