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    My favorite girls names - what do you think?

    You can be honest, I won't be offended. What are your opinions on these names? How would you imagine the parents who named their daughter these names would be and how would the child herself be? Just tell me everything that comes to mind when you hear these names, anything will help

    Valentine (-ine, not -een)
    Emilie (pronounced just like Emily, I prefer this spelling)

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    Meadow - pretty, but NMS. Probably better served as a middle. Hard to wear as a first name into adulthood.
    Violet - pretty, but not remarkable. Seems to be undergoing a popularity explosion, if you care about such things (I don't).
    Amara - does nothing for me.
    Luna - not one I'd ever use, but I'd love to see more of it. Pretty and sweet.
    Valentine (-ine, not -een) - too easy to get teased. Would make it hard to be single on Valentine's Day.
    Audrey - my all-time, no-holds-barred favorite name in the world. A timeless classic, easy to spell and pronounce. My hypothetical future daughter will have this middle name.
    Autumn - I like it, but it's growing rapidly in popularity. Another season would be a fresher choice. I knew a Spring once who was a delight.
    Lucille - growing on me, but very, very slowly. Lucy's rather popular, both as a standalone and as a nickname for Lucille. Thoroughly despise Lulu or similar nicknames.
    Marlowe - big fan. Not super frilly, not hyper masculine.
    Matilda - I like it, but not enough for it to be in my top 100.
    Sasha - okay, I suppose. A kind of cold sounding name to me, though I can't articulate why.
    Willa - I know a little Willa who is an absolute delight, and she's sold me on this name, which is otherwise completely NMS.
    Luana - hate. Like I said, Lucille is growing on me, but beyond that, anything starting with "Lu" or "Lou" I really, really dislike.
    Elise - very pretty. Like it better as a middle; the rhythm of the word makes it harder to pair in the first name spot, I think.
    Emilie (pronounced just like Emily, I prefer this spelling) - I prefer the traditional spelling, and as someone with a name that could end in "y" vs. "ie," I'd strongly urge the traditional spelling every time. Love the name. Emily is coming off a huge crest in popularity, so it might be a while before she's not one of eight in her class.

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    Meadow - I like it, but I would never use it.
    Violet - It's pretty, but I've never completely understood the hype!
    Amara - Meh. I prefer just Mara.
    Luna - My all time favorite name!
    Valentine - A guilty pleasure of mine. Although I would never use it, I do quite like it. Very frilly though.
    Audrey - Don't get the hype, although it's pretty.
    Autumn - Absolutely adorable! I picture a GORGEOUS girl when I think of a person named Autumn.
    Lucille - Love it! Has the old hollywood glamour vibe, which I love. I don't LOVE Lucy though.
    Marlowe - I like it, but not my favourite.
    Matilda - Meh.
    Sasha - Again, I like it, but it's not my favourite.
    Willa - Beautiful and whimsical, in my opinion!
    Luana - LOVE it. I once met the most adorable little girl named Luana.
    Elise - I like it a lot as a middle name.
    Emilie - Lovely.

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    I really love Meadow, Luna, Autumn, and Violet! Violet's a little too common and used for my taste but it's still beautiful. To me these names are beautiful, princessy, whimsical, and magical! Especially Meadow and Luna!

    Amara, Sasha, Luana, Valentine, and Elise are all really pretty. They're not my favorites but they're pretty.

    Matilda - I usually don't like it but it's been growing on me lately.

    I don't really care for the rest.
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    Meadow- it's cute, I like it. But I know I'll never use it.
    Violet- love this, a bit worried about the popularity.
    Amara- pretty, but not my style.
    Luna- one of my favourite name ever and also one of my nn. I LOVE Luna.
    Valentine (-ine, not -een)- pretty, but I prefer Valentina.
    Audrey- beautiful and classic.
    Autumn- adorable.
    Lucille- not my most favourite variation of Lucy, but I still like it.
    Marlowe- Cute.
    Matilda- like it.
    Sasha- prefer it only as nn.
    Willa- neutral.
    Luana- dislike.
    Elise- Love it.
    Emilie (pronounced just like Emily, I prefer this spelling)- cute, but I prefer Emily.
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