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    Clementine - help!

    So I'm hopelessly in love with the name Clementine, nick name Emmy. I've got the combo's Clementine Lily and Clementine Jane on my list that I'm trying to decide between... My biggest issue is that my partner is not loving Clementine He seems to think of it in the same way as naming your child "orange". Does Clementine make you berries all think of oranges? Is there any way you think I could bring up the possibility of someday using Clementine on a child to make him think less of food? I wont even lie when I first heard the name I wasn't a fan, but its really grown on me the more I hear it.

    So theres my two questions Clementine Lily vs Clementine Jane? And is Clementine too orangey?

    Thanks so much!

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    I prefer Clementine Jane because I feel like Clementine Lily is a bit too much nature altogether. I like the solid middle name that firmly in traditional naming territory.

    Clementine mostly reminds me of the movie "The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" but also I like of it as the female version of Clement. So in a way, it is a virtue name for Clemency. Perhaps, a small fraction of my mind thinks of the clementine fruit, but I love them. I look forward to buying them every Christmas so it's not a problem for me.

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    I like the name Clementine!

    I think that for middle names, you should go back to the drawing board. Clementine Lily is a bit too much nature and Clementine Jane reminds me of Calamity Jane. If I had to choose one of those middle names, I'd go with Jane though!
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    I love the name Clementine! I really don't associate the name with the fruit any more, now that I've been aware of the name for a while. I was just like you were - I didn't love the name at first, but once I considered it the name grew on me instantly. I love Clementine Jane. I agree with the above poster - Clementine Lily would be too much nature for me. I quite like the balance of Clementine Jane, too.
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    Clement and Clementine are in my boyfriend's family tree, and i would love to use Clementine. I like your nn choice too, as my best friend is named Emily. Ah im in love with that :-)
    agree that jane works better than the nature Lilly, but that it does sound a little like calamity jane. I like a one syllable, no nonsense middle with Clementine. What about any of the other names on the thread about Little Black Dress names? (Don't have a link for it but you can do a search).
    No idea how to get the man on the same page, but i know with mine, he responds to cute, unusual or quirky nicknames. (For example, he hated a name on my long list, Willoughby, until he thought it was like Wallaby, which he thought would be an adorable pet name for a little girl).

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