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    Semiramis/Miramis - Usable?

    I should probably start by saying that I'm Scandinavian myself and have grown up with Astrid Lindgren as a big part of my upbringing, not just as story books, but frequently televised movies and tv series as well as making it into small school plays.

    I'd really like to find a Scandinavian name my partner can agree to, but so far he has turned down everything so now I've started thinking outside the box and looking for more unconventional Scandinavian names and remembered that I really love one of the names in Mio, min Mio (I think It may have been Mio, My son in English) by Astrid Lindgren.

    It's used on a horse, but it IS a female name - Miramis, which is short form of Semiramis. But is this name usable in English? (we live in the UK) - I pronounce it as its written with the S, but not sure if its the same pronunciation in all Scandinavian countries.

    Probably wouldn't use it as firstname, but as middlename. WDYT? Too weird?

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