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Thread: Top Three!

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    Top Three!


    What do you think of my top three girl names at the moment:

    Gwendolen, Rosalie and Evangeline.

    They would neither go exclusively by their full names, nor by their nicknames (Gwen/Wendy, Rose and Eva) but rather a mix between the two.

    Do you think they work as sisters? Any one in particular you don't like? And, lastly, do you think they work with potential brothers Walter, Elliot and Julian.

    Thank you!

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    I think Gwendolen, Rosalie, and Evangeline work fine as sisters. I think Gwen/Wendy sticks out a bit from Rose and Eva. I do not dislike any of them. I adore Rosalie and Rose. I feel neutral about Gwendolen and Evangeline. I think all three go well with Walter and Julian. Elliot sticks out a bit. Except I would not worry too much about names fitting with each other. Lots of families have children with names with a variety of styles. They "fit" together because they are family.

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    I love Gwendolen and Evangeline and I like Rosalie. I think they go well together although I slightly prefer Gwyneth, Rosalie and Evangeline because although they aren't that similar I like the different endings for each sibling. They go nicely with the boys names.

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    I only like Rosalie. Any Gwen name sounds a bit Middle Ages or Dungeons and Dragons to me. Evangeline is a bit too religious sounding for my taste.

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    Love it!
    They could go by Gwena, Rosa, Evangela!
    I would toss out Walter and add in either Simon, Oliver, to the Handsome Elliot, and Julian!

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