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    Can Clementine and Artemis fit on sisters?

    When I picture naming my future kids, I can easily picture Clementine or Artemis on girls, but would they work on sisters, or am I pretty much limited to one or the other?

    Can you describe what type of girl you'd expect to meet if you heard their name was Artemis or Clementine?
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    I have only encountered the name Artemis through the "Artemis Fowl" book series where Artemis was a boy, so in my head, I've always considered it a boy name. It wasn't until I started visiting this site that I realized it was originally the name of a Greek goddess (you learn something new every day).

    I would definitely be shocked to hear of a family with both a Clementine and an Artemis. Clementine seems like a very familiar but slightly-offbeat name choice whereas I've actually heard of anyone named Artemis in real life. I see Clementine working with a wide variety of sibset naming styles, but Artemis seems a bit limiting to me.

    I've met a variety of girls named Clementine, so I don't have a distinct picture, but they have all been happy people with big personalities. A lot of them have been voracious readers. I cannot even picture an Artemis, so I'm sorry that I'm no help there.

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    To me they have very different, distinct styles and wouldn't work well together in a sib set. Clementine is more sweet, vintage, and almost seems rural to me (if that makes any sense). Artemis is very strong, powerful and obviously inspired my greek mythology. They just don't mesh. I would definitely recommend just using one in the future.

    I would imagine Clementine being a tan, blonde, blue eyed, country girl who's shy but has strong morals. Artemis, I imagine as being very pale with black hair and brown eyes who's willing to do anything to protect herself and those she cares about.

    Hope I helped!
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    I think they work great as sisters! Never met a Clementine or an Artemis, but, to me, even though they are of different styles, still compliment each other amazingly. Can definitely see a little Clementine and Artemis as sisters.

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