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    Long post! Opinions requested please!

    I have been a baby-names lover for a long time and I never thought I would need to ask for help! But we really need to make a decision soon and we are really stuck. We just don't have a strong enough opinion on any of these names. We have TONS of girl names but no firm boy names.

    So, please:
    1. Comment on these names!
    2. Suggest others in the same league/style...
    3. Point out a potential problem (or why you think one is the clear winner)... but go easy on me ... please no serial-killer stories in case we end up using your name after all

    Thanks for your opinions!

    Here are the issues:
    • We are both teachers and we would like to use a name that is not common, preferably that we have never taught;
    • We really like old-man names and our daughter's name is kind of an old-lady name
    • Our daughter's first and middle names are both family names, but we don't like any of our family's male names nor any male versions of the female names - trust me, we have tried!
    • It really shouldn't end in "er" since the baby's last name will end in "er"
    • No cowboy names
    • We are using Theodore for a middle name so don't want to start with T for the first name

    Here is our shortlist:
    • Solomon - nn Saul - is it too formal?
    • Feivel - I know, I know, he's a mouse, but it's also cool, I think
    • Felix - This should be perfect but for some reason we are both mediocre on it
    • Seamus - I really dislike the nn "shay"
    • Linus - Is it just hip enough? or one shade too nerdy? I love it, but we are unsure....

    Names we discussed but have basically eliminated:

    So, do you see a clear winner on the shortlist? And do you have other suggestions for first names that seem to go along with our list? I know that "Seamus" doesn't really fit the pattern, but we do like it for its uniqueness and brightness. The rest of the names are quite formal, I think.

    Other possible things to consider:
    • Our daughter has a nature name so it'd be fun to have a nature-related or nature-meaning name
    • We like literary or artsy names (Saul = Saul Bellow, Oscar = Oscar Wilde, etc.)
    • It would be nice to have a name that was usable as-is without needing a nickname (Like, we eliminated Nathaniel because we knew we would just use Nate right away)

    Thanks for your help, comments, and suggestions!

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