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    Clear winner is soloman.
    Too much teasing potential for the others. And though I love Seamus, it seems that it isn't your fav.
    Another suggestion would be Sterling.

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    My favourite from your list is Linus, close runner up Felix. Both great names that I think sound good with Theodore as a mn (I think Linus sounds slightly better w/ Theodore hence I put it first, if you chose a different mn I think I might prefer Felix.)

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    So first off - I love your naming style. Probably because it is very similar to my own! Here are some thoughts on the names you've chosen, as well as some others I like:

    Solomon - nn Saul - While Soloman Theodore DOES sound very formal, I REALLY love Saul! Is there any way this could be a stand-alone name??? Saul seems masculine to me but with softer edges, which are generally the male names I tend to lean towards.

    Feivel - While this is an unexpected and fun choice, I do associate it with the mouse and have a hard time shaking that image. That being said, I was born in the 80's so that movie was very popular when I was young - which may not be the case this day in age. Also - my brother's nickname since grade school is Feival (I think his hair reminded his friends of the mouse for some reason) and I think it's adorable! We call him Fife and while it is because of the mouse - it doesn't make him any less manly. His real name is Logan, btw.

    Felix - This is a fine name, but not my style. When I hear of people naming their sone this, it makes me think that they're trying too hard

    Seamus - I REALLY love this! I do find myself drawn to Irish sounding names, so this fits the bill! I agree with your dislike of the nn Shay (eew) but I think Seamus is a GREAT name. Yes, in the States you might get some initial confusion with the pronunciation, but after a quick correction, everyone would catch on. And anyone with a tiny bit of cultural knowledge will know it's pronounced Shay-mus. Again, I feel this name is all boy but with a softer side. Awesome pick!

    Linus - I'm luke warm about this one. I think on a baby it's adorable. On and middle-aged man, it's fine. But as a teenager/young adult/20-something, I don't really like it. I like your other choices much better.

    Names we discussed but have basically eliminated:
    Oscar - not a huge fan of this one. Have you considered Roscoe?

    Reuben - For some reason I don't feel like this fits with the rest of your names. I'm not a fan, but maybe that's just because it's not my style. Again, like many of your other choices better.

    Raffi - I also love Raffi! I could get on board with this. It sounds fun and a tiny bit mischievous - but not in a bad way. LIKE!

    Orson - Just no. I don't know why. Maybe it's too stuffy. I like names that sound more fun.

    Ezra - While I do like this name, I do feel like it is very trendy. I know 3 (I live in California) and that's too many for me. Although Ezra Theodore does sound lovely.

    Amos - Like this, but not my favorite on your list.

    Asa - NOW THIS! This is my FAVORITE! I am absolutely in love with this name and this it is the epitome of a masculine name that is concise (no frills) but still fun and playful! Yes, I realize that it it one letter away from Ass. However, I just don't see this being a problem. I happen to love short names that kind of sound like nicknames but are legitimate in their own right. This name conjures up a baby/young boy/teenager/young name/adult that is kind, playful, smart and athletic and doesn't sound too trendy. I think this deserves to be back on your short list! Just IMHO...

    Arlo - Another top fav of mine. I'd like it even more if I wasn't comparing it to Asa, which outshines it in my opinion...

    So, do you see a clear winner on the shortlist? And do you have other suggestions for first names that seem to go along with our list? I know that "Seamus" doesn't really fit the pattern, but we do like it for its uniqueness and brightness. The rest of the names are quite formal, I think.

    So overall, my favorites are (in order of preference):

    Mama to Matilda May, expecting Baby #2 this summer

    Current favorites:
    Margaret, Imogen, Tallulah, Tessa, Felicity, Cecily, January
    Asa, Kieran, Cormac, Arlo, Wilder, Kellen, Flynn, Milo, Leland

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    I like
    Linus Theodore (we totally considered Linus if DD was a girl)
    Solomon Theodore
    Seamus Theodore is great if you can handle the mispronunciations, but it doesn't seem like you LOVE it.

    Fievel is not really useable to me, and Felix is getting more and more popular, but it is still a great name.

    Jaspar is also bit popular but does have a nature (gemstone) connection and a clunky old-man feel (although it ends in the -er sound).

    Other thoughts...

    Mama to my little bunny girl (3/2011) and my silly bubble girl (11/13). Baby BOY is coming 9/17!!

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    What about Rafael instead of Raffi? Raffi is a nickname for Rafael.


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