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Thread: Anna vs Jordana

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    Anna vs Jordana

    I absolutely love both Anna and Jordana! With Jordana I don't think it would be too big of a stretch to use Anna as the NN but I feel like I'm diminishing the simplicity and beauty of Anna by making it a NN. What do you think the sweet and classic Anna or the exotic and underused Jordana?

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    When I see Jordana is pronounce it like Jord-ahna, and would use Ana (ah-na) as a nn. If it were spelled Jordanna, I could see Anna as a nn.

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    Well, I had a very close friend named Jordana in elementary school, but I don't really find it exotic. Probably because of my friend. She was quiet, shy, a bit bookish, was always looking for approval in others (in a good way. I don't know how else to explain it, haha), a good friend. Her name was Jordana Ariel. I always liked the pairing, but not the order--I would have loved to see sisters named Jordana and Ariel, or even Ariel Jordana... I agree that Jordana could go by Anna, but I agree that it diminishes Anna if it's only a nn, especially when Anna's a full name on its own.

    Erm, could you use Jordana as a MN? And Anna as a FN? Something like Anna Genevieve and Grace Jordana? or something? I think you could easily use both if one is a nn.

    Personally, I find Anna kind of boring on its own--I've tried to love it (and I think Isabelle and Anna would be fab for sisters), but I just can't get into it. I just find it sort of boring. So I'd probably go for Jordana nn Annie if it were me (I LOVE Annie as opposed to Anna!), but it seems like you really love just the simple Anna.
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    I much prefer Anna! It's very sweet, feminine but not frilly and has loads of cute nicknames - think Annie, Anya, Nann..
    I would prefer Jordana if you had Jewish heritage - it's a great Israeli name, I considered it paired with Noa - Jordan(a) Noa. However, I don't like Anna as a nn for it - 1) Anna is actually a different name; 2) Jordana has 1 n while Anna has 2.
    And, though I knew a girl Hannah who went by Anna, I much prefer the names on their own. GL!

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    Ooh, I like both very much but maybe Anna by a whisker as I love names that are the same in many languages and its sweet refreshing simplicity.

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