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    I vote Flora. Evelyn is my second choice. I find Clara more homespun, less sophisticated than Sylvya, and it's also getting pretty hot in my area. Lila is all over the place here, more so than Evelyn. I think Mira and Miles are a little too matchy. Hearing the sibset, I would assume Miles and Mira are twins.

    For boys, I like Leo. I think it sounds rather snappy with your last name, and it's perfect in the set. Linus is second.

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    Flora Josephine is lovely. Have you considered Gemma? I know a 3 month old Xavier (Zay-vee-ur), has a quirky style I like. Leo is a favorite, but the o-ending last name is a concern. I love Linus, but doesn't feel like a match. I like Marius if you don't mind matching first letters.
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    I really like Florence for you too.

    For boys, Leo or Xavier works well. If you want to use Leo as a nn only, you could use Leopold, Leonard or Lionel as his full fn. that would avoid the double -o sound endings.
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    Wow, these responses are great!

    phoebesmom: that's a good point about Mira and Miles being too matchy.
    seazuno86 : those are great suggestions
    Eleanor - beautiful name
    Margo - hmmm ... I never would have thought of this name,
    Lydia - probably too similar to Silvia

    Lucian - I think I still prefer Lucas
    Julian - I do love this name, but it's my son's middle
    Arthur - I would totally consider this name, it's already taken in my immediate family
    Philip - I like the name, it's already taken in my immediate family

    tfzolghadr: thanks! these are really good points. I love little women (Josephine) and I love math (Pascal)

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    Florence/Flora - I think Florence is a gorgeous choice but maybe visually she's too long for her siblings who both have short names. Whereas I think Flora could work with Sylvya and Myles nicely as Flora has the same timely feel.

    Clara/Mira/Nina - My favourite is Clara she's a pretty, spunky timeless choice. Clara feels beautiful especially with Sylvya and Myles I think they have the same timely feel like with Flora. But I do prefer Clara to Flora as well.

    Lila - I think this name is cute and has bags of attitude. Lila is pretty and upbeat. Yet I don't think she has the seriousness of Myles and Sylvya.

    Josephine - I adore this classic, she's really beautiful. Josephine is lovely but I think visually she has the same issue as Florence she's too long for Sylvya and Myles.

    Evelyn - I think this name works with Myles and Sylvya the best out of all the girls choices. She has that 'y' letter that your children's names feature heavily. Evelyn, Sylvya and Myles seems to just visually and stylistically work the best together. Their perfect!

    Linus - I like this choice, but I do agree with this name feels perfect for a child yet during the awkward teenage stage I wouldn't want to be a Linus. I think this name may be challenging to live with. Like Percy for example. Very cute though.

    Calvin - I've never been a major Calvin fan, however his charms are growing on. Yet I think Cal and Dal is just too rhymey and slightly too much.

    Pascal - A lovely Passover associated name and Pascal is the French spelling. I think using the Italian form 'Pasquale' is more appropriate concerning your surname and in away I don't think Pascal ultimately works with Sylvya and Myles.

    Lucas - A nice simple choice. I do like the name Lucas, he's a nice Luke variant yet in some ways I prefer Luca.

    Leo - Lovely choice very charming yet I don't know how this name will work with your surname.

    Jay - Again works brilliantly with Sylvya and Myles has Jay has the same style as the names and has that 'y' letter which ties all the names together.

    Xavier - I think this name is a great choice yet Sylvya and Myles are vintage choices and Xavier doesn't really work with that vintage feel despite being a classic Basque name.

    Clive - I like this name but I think Clyde maybe be better for your sibling set.

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