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    Florence/Flora - Not my fav... seems too old lady to me. Also, it makes me think of Auntie Flo coming to visit.
    Clara / Mira/ Nina- Not a huge fan on Nina... Don't know why, but I'm not. Clara is GREAT! It's just so cute, and it's not too matchy with Silvia. Mira is ok, but I think I prefer Mina.
    Lila - Just too popular. I know 2 Lilas.
    Josephine -I do love this name... It makes me think of Little Women.
    Evelyn - Yeah, it is too popular. Have you considered Eveline? Search for the James Joyce poem, and you'll love it more.

    So, from your list: 1. Clara 2. Josephine I'd also suggest: Felicity, Cecilia, Eveline, Celeste, and Emiliana (a good Italian name).

    Linus - too baby blanket? Yeah, it kinda is.
    Calvin - Not really a fan. If you only call him Calvin, then ok. But Cal Del is kinda awkward.
    Pascal - Makes me think of math. Also doesn't do it for me due to the Pascal Del.
    Lucas - Yeah, it really is uber popular right now.
    Leo - So Leonardo DiCaprio got away with that... but let's face it: stars get away with naming their kids crazy things like Pilot Inspektor. The -o -o really is kinda choppy/ rhymy. I wouldn't do it...
    Jay - This needs to be part of a longer name. Jay is just a nickname to me.
    Xavier - Love this name, although it's quite trendy right now. It is strong and masculine, and I think it will grow up well.
    Clive - This one is a gem. I've only known 1 Clive ever, but this is a great name.

    So, 1. Clive 2. Xavier. I suggest: Marcus, Benjamin, Christian, Damien, Simon, Graham, Grant, Roman, Colin, Jonas, Julian, Quentin, Quincy, Nolan, Anthony...
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    deciding between Maxwell . Calvin . Finn

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    I love Flora and Josephine with your others. Flora Josephine? Josephine Florence?

    For a boy, Leo and Xavier, which I would pronounce Zah-vee-air.

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    My Favs are Xavier and Josephine.

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    I like Leo, Linus, and Calvin for boys.
    Girls: Josephine, Lila, and Evelyn.

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